Please note that the Residential Life Office is seeking applications from sophomores, juniors, and upcoming seniors, existing residents at Sherazi Hall or West Hall, who want to reapply 2019-20.

Those who wish to reapply they need to submit an application with supporting documents (if any) and submit to the Residential Life Office by Monday, May 06 2019

Need to be mentioned/attached with the Application:

  • Application Form. (Can be downloaded from the FCCU Website RLO page)
  • Copy of transcript
  • The reason “Why you want to reapply the accommodation”
  • Clearances from Chief Proctor and Accounts (Can be downloaded from FCCU Website RLO page)

Please note that we have very limited space and seats will be allotted on the basis first come first serve. Residential Life will not entertain late applications in any case.

Hostel Interview will be conducted for allotment.

The decision of the RLO would be conveyed before the start of the fall 2019 semester.

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