Campus Life

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) has been home to more than 27,000 students in the past 156 years. It has an impressive and well-maintained campus with all the facilities needed to create an environment that is truly academic and conducive to purposeful learning. Centrally located in a beautiful residential area of Lahore, the campus sprawls over 108 acres along the left bank of the Canal and is currently home to 9,000 students, offering them a robust and enriching student life.
We are committed to preserving the diversity of our campus population while maintaining the high academic standards needed to achieve our vision of being recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the subcontinent. We work hard to ensure the ethnic diversity within our student population. This means that we actively recruit students from all areas of Pakistan and provide our current students and alumni proper resources and information to assist in their home villages and schools. We also provide our students the tools they need to refine their God-given talents and improve their skills through inquiry-based thinking and a learning approach that truly embraces the spirit of education.

Residential Life

At FCCU, we provide safe and secure housing for more than 1,860 students which also includes housing for female students within the campus. The University’s goal is to inculcate a sense of responsibility in its students through different activities and focus on teaching students how to live with each other irrespective of their race, class, creed, cultural and ethnic background while ensuring that qualified students from areas outside Lahore are not forced to turn down admission on the basis of residential need.

Student Societies

There are 36 student societies covering a wide variety of interests. These societies offer students an opportunity to lead, learn and give back to the community. Student life at the University is crowded with thoroughly engaging opportunities that are beyond the classroom where students learn leadership and management skills together. Each society is run solely by students with a relevant staff or faculty member as their advisor.

Student Advising Center

The Student Advising Center helps students on their path to graduation. Beginning with students’ orientation and continuing throughout their time at FCCU. The Center’s goal is to help students resolve issues that may prevent them from graduating on time. The Center handles issues like degree audits, provision of guidance regarding courses and road maps and directing them to appropriate offices for non-academic issues with the focus being to help students in exploring their field of interest and developing it to their full potential.


A balanced focus on extracurricular helps students stay fit physically as they go through their rigorous academic schedules. FCCU’s Sports Board organizes, promotes and conducts games. The Sports Board features a very active intramural sports program. Participation in intervarsity competitions in many of these sports is part of the sports program.

Financial Aid

While it is important that students meet the academic criteria needed to be successful, we recognize that many of our students from targeted populations may come from less affluent and academically rigorous backgrounds; this is why the Financial Aid Office makes helping such students their priority. We have established an office to provide financial assistance  to students from disadvantaged backgrounds in the form of direct assistance and work study programs.

Career Services

The Career Services Office aims to provide comprehensive guidance and counseling to its students and graduates on career development. It provides consistent assistance to students in finding jobs and internships. The Office has strong links with leading national and multinational employers, industrialists, government officials and distinguished alumni. Throughout the year, it organizes a wide range of on-campus activities such as career exploration lectures, recruitment drives; resume development and career building workshops, employer-hosted information sessions, mock interviews and career fair.

International Education

The International Education Office is committed to providing inclusive counseling and advising for opportunities in prestigious foreign universities. The Office has joint relations with the official representatives of international universities to explore admission, scholarship and semester exchange opportunities for FCCU’s students.

Ewing Memorial Library and Other Services

Talented and curious students are encouraged to fearlessly explore their intellect in the pursuit of finding answers to bold questions. The Ewing Memorial Library helps students in this pursuit; it contains over 100,000 volumes and has an automated Library Management System and state-of-the-art online and electronic reference services. 

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