Bachelor’s Admissions

Our Bachelor’s program is an American-style four-year degree program that is based on the Liberal Arts Educational Model and is designed to prepare graduates to succeed in a wide variety of occupations. It is aligned with the HEC 2020 Undergraduate policy. The University prides itself in providing an environment that fosters critical and analytical thinking in its students. Join FCCU by applying for admission.

Postgraduate Admissions

FCCU’s Postgraduate programs are taught by faculty of international repute and are supplemented by state-of-the-art research facilities, seminars, symposia and workshops. Whether to pursue personal ambition, gain new professional qualifications or change your career, our postgraduate degrees steer you toward unimagined places. Join our Postgraduate programs to enter the ranks of leading thinkers.

PharmD Admissions

The Doctor of Pharmacy program at FCCU is accredited by the Pharmacy Council of Pakistan and is taught by highly qualified faculty. The program offers state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and collaboration with pharmaceutical industries for real world experience.

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FCCU’s liberal arts, American-style education system allows you to choose the major you want to study along with courses from other disciplines which ensure that every student is provided a holistic education to build a strong career. Join now to be a part of the Forman Experience for an unforgettable introduction to University life.

FCCU for all

Embark on a self-development journey of lifelong learning in an institution with a long and rich history.
FCCU offers an amazing experience for students from all parts of Pakistan. We’re proud of our diverse student body. Along with ethnic and cultural diversity, we offer a host of opportunities for developing the complete personality of our students.