The Advancement & Alumni Office

The Advancement & Alumni Office’s Alumni Relations branch manages relationships to increase understanding and support among an educational institution’s key constituents, including but not restricted to alumni and friends, government policy makers, the media, members of the community and philanthropic entities of all types.

Note to Alumni

Since the inception of Advancement office in 2004 by Dr Peter Armacost and Dr Manzur Gill, we have been striving to provide you with the best alumni experience. We believe that FCCU currently has more than 50,000 alumni around the world. We would like to reach out to them and connect them to their Alma Mater. We would like to request you all to spread the message and encourage your alumni friends to connect with FCCU Advancement Office on Facebook, through email at or by visiting us at FCCU to relive your amazing memories from your college days when you were a student here.

In order to give you the best Formanite experience, we want to keep your memories alive by bringing you back to your Alma Mater. We would appreciate if you could write to us with your ideas for any activities that you would like to be a part of or initiate at FCCU. These activities could include batch or regional get-togethers, interest group gatherings, lecture series, career counseling sessions for our current students, summer school at FCCU or establish certain clubs or societies to be run by the alumni. You can also be a part of our fundraising campaigns as volunteers to raise funds for student scholarships and the FCCU endowment fund.

We invite you to join us in this exciting time as we set forward to create a strong legacy of FCCU and take our Alma Mater to new heights of success.

The Alumni Office is a sub office in the Advancement Office formed to ensure that the alumni stay connected with FCCU. The Alumni Office’s main objectives are:

  • To provide a location for alumni who visit their Alma Mater to be received
  • To develop material and publications to keep the alumni connection strong
  • To maintain and grow the alumni database for the University and the Association
  • To host events for alumni networking
  • To liaise with the Alumni Association and provide operational support in their activities and events
  • To develop a grow alumni services

Some of the events and services of the Advancement Office for alumni are:

  • Events:
    • Alumni Annual Reunion Week in Spring every year with around 3-4 events
    • Alumni Get Togethers i.e., about 4-5 small events in a year
  • Services:
    • Maintaining alumni social media
    • Making alumni cards               
    • Alumni discount portfolio
    • Alumni database maintenance

How to Register for Your Alumni Cards:

The registration process is:

The graduating student to alumni registration system involved the following steps:

  • Near the time of graduation every year, the Alumni Office connects with the graduating class via the clearance and convocation registration process. The Alumni Office also has stalls at farewells etc to spread the word and also text the students with updates on this if need be
  • Students come to Alumni Office fill their forms, give a photograph, pay the card fee and get registered
  • Their alumni information is entered in the database in this time
  • Alumni are given a date to pick their cards. They are also given the option of sending the cards via courier if any alumnus/alumna cannot come to pick their cards

For senior alumni who are unregistered:

  • Alumni can visit or send their filled alumni form with fee and photograph. If someone does not have photograph Alumni Office also offers the service of taking a picture on spot but they are more encouraged to bring their photograph as that ensures they will look how they want to in the card.
  • Alumni are sent a text on their cell phones when card is ready for pick up, and also given the option of sending the card to them via courier if they are unable to pick them

Discounts and Benefits that you can avail on Formanite Alumni Card:

  • ‘HUNNAR’ furniture and interior designer. 10% discount for all Formanites.
    Contact number: 0333-5335811
    Contact person: Rizwan
    Email:, Website: 
  • Bela Electronics, 1-B,Link McLeod Road Patyala Ground ,Hall Road, Zone 5, Lahore, offers 10% Discount On All Canon Brand Items And 15% Discount On GFC Brand
    Selling Electronics and Gas Home Appliances such as Geysers, Hobs, Hoods, Stoves, Heaters, Washing Machines, Dryers, Etc.
    Contact numbers: 042-37226994, 042-37355371, 0321-408862
    Contact person: Nouman Arshad
  • Chughtais Lahore Lab (Pvt) Ltd will be giving 20% discount on standard rates on all tests/investigations to alumni on showing their FCCU alumni card.
  • Al-Minal Restaurant G-Block DHA LAHORE is offering discount of 20% (other than discounted deals on showing FCCU Alumni Card).
    Contact number: 0322-3215999
    Contact person: Mr. Khurram
  • You can avail at Best Western Hotel Lahore a discount of 55% on Room Rates and 10% on bakery take/away/dining on showing your FCCU Alumni Card.
  • Get 15% discount at and 10% discount at on your FCCU Alumni Card.
  • Get 5% discount on all items at on showing your Alumni Card.
  • Tahira Clara Beauty Salon offers 30% off on Party Makeup/Hair Do’s and 50% off on services like mani, pedi, facials etc. on FCCU Alumni Card.
    Contact numbers: 0322-4076433
  • La Downtown offers 15% discount to FCCU Alumni on showing your FCCU Alumni card from 12 pm-7 pm.
    Contact numbers: 0324-4441718, 0301-5024068
  • EFU LIFE ASSURANCE LTD offers a 10% discount on all products to FCCU Alumni on showing the Alumni Card.
    Contact number: 0324-4180686
    Contact person: Ahmed Adnan Sheikh