Office of the Vice Rector

The Vice Rector’s Office is the center of the University’s academic and research activities. It devises academic policies, plans and implements teaching methodologies and supervises the work of various departments and faculties. 

The Office also serves as a link between the academic and administrative arms of the University, synergizing their activities towards the goal of achieving academic excellence. It oversees research activities and supports faculty and academicians in furthering innovations in teaching and learning.

Following are the major functions that the Office performs:

  • Assist the Rector in leading the University in all academic and related matters.
  • Coordinate all academic activities at local, national, and international levels.
  • Oversight of the academic activities of the faculties
  • Appointment of academic staff.
  • Oversight of systems that ensure a high quality of teaching and research.
  • Supervision of the following:
    • Council of Deans
    • earning and Teaching
    • Communications Office
    • Controller of Exams
    • Council of Deans
    • Faculty Advising
    • Library
  • Strategic Planning
    • Development and implementation of policies and procedures for the academic program
    • Member of the Strategic Planning Task Force to construct and administer the academic budget
  • Academic Program
    • Curriculum development
    • Reviews and approves agenda items for the Academic Council
    • Member of the Board of Advanced Studies and Research
  • Faculty
    • Represents the administration to the faculty on interpretation and implementation of policy matters
    • Recruitment of new faculty as Selection Board member
    • Chair of the Academic Standards Committee
    • Periodic review of policies governing recruitment, retention, evaluation, advancement, and development of faculty
  • Assessment of Student Learning
    • Liaise with the Quality Enhancement Cell
    • General education
  • Supervision of the following:
    • Academic Services Office
    • Admissions
    • Freshman Experience
    • Student Advising
  • Student Dealings
    • Student petitions (leave of absence, semester withdrawal, re-admission)
    • Academic probation
    • Academic integrity
  • Academic Operations
    • Allocation of classrooms, offices and facilities (including IT resources)
    • Publication of the University catalog, current academic policies, faculty handbook, etc.
  • International Programs and Partnerships
    • Point person for NECHE accreditation
    • Faculty International Travel Grant program
    • International faculty programs and academic partnerships, including
    • Liaison with the Global Liberal Arts Alliance
  • Documentation of the proceedings of the following:
    • Academic Standards Committee
    • Council of Deans
    • Selection Board
    • Orientation of new faculty members
  • Member of the following bodies:
    • Council of Deans
    • Executive Staff
    • Board of Advanced Studies and Research
    • Financial Appeals Committee

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