Office of Academic Services

The Office of Academic Services at FCCU is dedicated to helping students improve their academic performance. The Office of Academic Services coordinates and provides assistance in areas of academic performance related to academic and life skills with specific reference to exam preparation, testing strategies, test anxiety, reading, note-taking skills, time and stress management, and other areas requested by students.

The Office follows the academic progress and development of all students. It provides academic counseling for any student having academic difficulty and provides advising support to all students and faculty advisors.

The Office is dedicated to student success, including academic, personal, and professional development. It is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly professionals armed with facts and experience to assist students in discovering and achieving their goals. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and others, the Office endeavors to create, promote, and enrich the learning environment at FCCU and the personal experience of every student.

The Office of the Academic Services falls under the Office of the Vice Rector and is the first place to go after University enrollment and continue throughout the student’s academic career leading to finishing with their graduation at FCCU.

Primarily, the Academic Services Office is responsible for:

  • The design, implementation, integrity, and security of all student records/student record systems.
  • All course offering, enrollment, transfers to or from other institutions, grading, classroom/academic activities scheduling of the University, and the systems, procedures, and operations surrounding these activities.
  • Collecting, recording, and maintaining all students’ information, status, and academic performance in the University.
  • All University online testing services and course evaluation processes, including systematic gathering, recording, processing, and reporting of data and information vital to the academic life of the students and the University.
  • Ensuring the academic portions of the University student’s catalog are approved in anticipation of the competent authorities/statutory bodies, formalized into procedures, and efficacy of the database is maintained from the start when proposed programs are implemented.
  • Awarding and conferring University students’ degrees into the system, issue, verify and sign off official documents such as transcript/certificates, lists of graduating students for each commencement.
  • Coordinating and communicating regularly with students, faculty, and staff regarding important information, notifications, and deadlines for adherence to the Academic Calendar.

Rohail Shahzad
Head of Academic Services
Ext: 318

Name: Sharoon Javed
Deputy Manager Academic Services Office
Ext: 314

Irfan Lal
Assistant Manager Academic Services

Mehak Samuel Khan
Assistant Manager- Degree Audit
Ext: 314

Maila Mushtaq
Assistant Manager-Data Analytics
Ext: 316

Haroon Sarfraz Hayat
Registration Coordinator
Ext: 314

Noor Mohsin
Academic Services Assistant- Registrations
Ext: 314

Areej Nadeem
Academic Services Assistant – Front Desk
Ext: 314