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Work with the Advancement Office to energize, (external and internal) stakeholders through innovative strategies for developing financial sustainability of the university.

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Forman Christian College believes that the lives of people can be transformed through education. Keeping our motto ‘By love, serve one another’ in mind we seek to empower students and prepare them as future leaders. With over 7350 students enrolled at FCCU, it is more than a challenge to accommodate their needs and requirements equally. Due to their diverse demographic backgrounds, not all students are capable of meeting the financial requirements. In accordance with the mission and vision of Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), we believe that deserving students should not give up their dream of education because of financial constraints.

As a not-for-profit organization, we require your generous contributions to take our mission forward.

How can you support FCCU?

You can support FCCU by generously donating to:

Scholarship Fund:

Student Support Program

Specified gifts

Gifts can be specified for a student(s) from a particular academic program/geographical region/male or female/minorities/special needs individuals/hostel residents/Zakat fund (for deserving Muslim students)

Endowment Fund

(The proceeds from the endowment are used for scholarships)

Gift Naming Opportunities

(For more details, please contact the Advancement Office at

Build a brighter future for our deserving students by supporting their education. You can select one of these options or choose any other amount:

1 Year Full Tuition Support: Rs 250,000

½ Year Tuition Support: Rs 125,000

¼ Year Tuition Support: Rs 60,000

1 Month Tuition Support: Rs 30,000

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is a not-for-profit organization approved under section 2(36) and its income is eligible for 100% tax credit in terms of Section 100C of the Income Tax Ordinance, 2001. It has also been certified as a charitable NPO by Pakistan Centre for Philanthropy (PCP).

Ways To Give2020-01-22T10:03:50+05:00

If you want to make a donation through Cash please visit the Advancement Office, Suite 129, First Floor, Ahmad Saeed Building or call us at (92-42)99231581-8 Ext: 299, 283, 288 or 281.
If you want to make a donation through Payroll deductions (for FCCU employees) please visit the Advancement Office, Suite 129, First Floor, Ahmad Saeed Building or call us at (92-42)99231581-8 Ext: 299, 283, 288 or 281.
If you want to make a donation through Cheque, please make it payable to Forman Christian College.
To make a donation through Bank Transfer, please find the details below:


ACCOUNT NO:            2361-70000232-01
IBAN #:                          PK86 HABB 0023617000023201


Please drop us an email at when you make a transfer quoting the amount and the transaction/reference number.

For US residents:
Donors located in U.S.A can make a donation at or mail a cheque to:

Friends of Forman Christian College, 3434 Roswell Road NW Atlanta, GA 30305, 866-460-6313

Hear From Our Beneficiaries2020-01-22T09:55:57+05:00
Ashir Gil

“I belong to district Kasur in Punjab from a low-income family. My family understood that education is not just about getting a degree, rather it is an investment in my future and my career. However, my dream to study at Forman Christian College was under a big question mark, mainly because my family had doubts whether they would be able to meet my educational expenses. Since I joined FCCU, first as an intermediate student and later as a university student, I have been receiving financial aid from FCCU for which I will be eternally grateful. Since the past many years I have been receiving generous support from my institution. It is inspiring to see that FCCU has an abundance of opportunities for motivated students who are in need of financial help.

I am currently pursuing my Bachelors in Sociology. I like observing people in deprived conditions, especially those who go on to become offenders, making illegal acts as their source of survival. Interest in these dynamics pushed me to study Sociology, so I could help in making our society socially secure. Interacting with these people in my leisure time and helping them has been a source of contentment for me. In the future I plan to pursue a Masters in Criminology after graduating from FCCU. Lastly, I want to encourage everyone to not be afraid of life’s challenges. Everything is possible if we make our decisions wisely.”



Arooj Asher Bhatti

“For me, education is the knowledge of the world and life. I believe education helps us in developing our personality and views about life. It is necessary to build a good and well balanced life in our society. I chose to come to Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) because of its internationally recognized degree. I especially admire the experienced faculty and the diverse range of programs offered by FCCU. The students here are very self-confident and it is an uplifting experience to be able to study in such a prestigious institution. FCCU has played a huge part in developing my personality and making me the person that I am today.

In our family, my father is the only one who earns and we are five siblings so my father was unable to support my tuition fee. Hence, I had to apply for financial aid at FCCU. I was only able to continue with my education due to the financial assistance provided by FCCU, for which I would like to thank the donors and partners of FCCU who made it possible for me to study here. I am grateful to have been given this opportunity.

In the future, I see myself becoming a consultant psychologist and providing help to people to the best of my abilities. I also want to change the reluctance in our society regarding seeking psychological treatment. I want to become an example for people who think they can’t achieve what they want and show them that hard work always pays off.”

Hear From Our Donors2021-06-07T06:37:43+05:00
Lt Gen (R) Farooq A Khan

Giving to education is “Sadqa e Jaria”, which improves the lives of not only individuals but entire families. I give my Zakat to FC College every year as I believe in the cause of education.


Yusuf H Shirazi
Chairman, Atlas Group

Being a Formanite and later earning felicitation from FCCU, I applied what I learned here from my experience. FCCU is one of the great institutions the country can be proud of and giving to FCCU is a way of practically expressing its motto, ‘by love serve, one another’.


Mr Shafaat Ahmad Chaudhry
Senior Alumnus and Donor

I believe in the old saying that no one becomes poor by giving.

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