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The Career Services and Internships Office at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) aims to provide comprehensive guidance and counseling to its students and graduates on career development. It provides consistent assistance to students in finding attractive jobs and internships.

The Career Services and Internships Office has strong linkages with national and multinational leading employers, industrialists, government officials and distinguished members of FCCU alumni. Throughout the year, it organizes a wide range of on-campus activities such as career exploration lectures, recruitment drives, resume development and career building workshops, employer-hosted information sessions, mock interviews and job fairs.

Job fairs facilitate students to meet prospective employees from leading companies and submit their resumes for relevant job and internship opportunities. During such events, many recruiters conduct on-the-spot interviews and share information about their recruitment policies, company profiles and hiring procedures with the students.

The CSO also produces an Annual Employer’s guide which is sent to numerous organizations in Pakistan. Each guide consists of a brochure describing FCCU’s programs, a list of graduates with their majors and specializations, and a CD of all the graduates resumes.

All these activities are designed to develop FCCU students to become self sufficient in building their own life-long career strategies which can continue well beyond graduation.

  • Job vacancy announcements
  • Career exploration guidance and counseling
  • On-campus recruitment drives
  • Employer hosted information sessions
  • Career building workshops
  • Job fair
  • Mock interviews
  • Employers’ feedback

Want to explore career options in your field of interest?

Unsure what major will help you achieve your career goals?

We at the Career Services Office can help you guide your decision-making process.

Meet with a career counselor to discuss your goals and ask questions. In-person and virtual appointments are available.

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Career Services and internship office is available to help you navigate your career goals, both in-person and virtually. We are eager to help you with any career path related questions that you may have. You may bring questions about career planning, exploring career options, preparing for networking events and fairs, and reviewing resumes and other application materials as well as questions about graduate school planning.

In-Person Career Counseling

Career Services is open for In-person sessions and career counseling appoint at Career Services and Internships Office.

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Available Monday thru Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Virtual Career Counseling

We can support you virtually. We’re proud to offer virtual appointments alongside our in-person services.

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Internships Office

International Internship Opportunities

The Internships Office contributes to the students personal and professional development by helping students with internship placements and career related experiences that merely complements classroom learning. We provide assistance and guidance to students in receiving attractive internships and establish healthy relationship with students and counsel them for success in their professional careers.

The key objectives of the Internships Office are:

  • To provide internship opportunities for the students of FCCU in organizations related to their majors.
  • Internship opportunity announcements
  • Maintaining student placement relationship with external organizations, institutions, corporations and governmental sectors.
  • To expose the student to professional role models or mentors who will provide the student with support in the early stages of the internship and guidance for the behaviors expected in the intern’s workplace.
  • Organizing various networking events to encourage student participation in the community as volunteers/ushers/organizational ambassadors.

We offer internships in two categories:

  • Credit Internships- Internship Course 498

Students as required by their major have to enroll for the Internship Course according to their course catalogue. Students are required to enroll for credit internships worth 3-6 credit hours, depending upon the Academic Department via EMPOWER. This is exactly like a course registration. The requirements, and grading processes of credit internships (Internship Course 498) follows the procedures and policies approved by the Academic Council, and each academic department may have a different internship policy.

  • Non-Credit Internship

Any enrolled Forman student who meets the eligibility criteria for internship and has the intention of learning, can take the non-credit internship. No student can claim any grade or credit hours after having a non-credit internship

Applying for Internship (Non-Credit) 

  • All students for internship are required to submit their CV to the of internships office in the given format.
  • Prior to the commencement of the internship, department of Internships will inform students about the host organization for internship.
  • Recommendation letter would be issued to the students of the assign organization from manager internships.
  • It would be recommended to the students that ideally office hours for working as intern is between 9:00AM to 5:00PM so that they should keep in mind these timing before registration of any other course too.

Walk-in Students (Never enrolled in our database for communication)

  • Get the internship form filled
  • Ask for the resume’s to be sent at
  • Students will be guided on how the resume should be drafted
  • Student will be guided about basic interview questions
  • Get the database filled to keep student record
  • Student will be given internship opportunity as per availability in the pool of internships
  • Once internship is completed student needs to submit the signed and sealed evaluation form by the respective organization and submit at Internship office

Students already existing in our database get emails on internship opportunities and also they can visit the institute’s website, however:

  • They need to send in their resumes to
  • Once internship is completed student needs to submit the evaluation form signed by the respective organization and submit at Internship Office
  • Ideally, students will take their internships in the summer between their Junior and Senior years.
  • Internships may be taken after 70 credit hours of coursework
  • Students with a CGPA of 2.75 or above will be eligible for internships.
  • Internships may be between 6 and 12 weeks in duration.
  • All internships placements follow the policies of the academic council.


Some academic departments may allow the students to register for internships in spring as well, however, the discretion is held by the Department Heads, which is most likely dependent on the number of registrations.

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