Career Services & Internships Office

Career Services and Internships Office at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) Lahore aims to provide comprehensive guidance and counseling to its students and graduates on career development. It provides consistent assistance to students in finding attractive jobs and internships. The Office also has linkages with many national and multinational leading employers, industrialists, government officials and distinguished members of FCCU alumni.

Career Services and Internships Office’s main focus is on:

  • Jobs & Internships vacancies announcements
  • Student placement for Internships
  • Career exploration guidance and counseling workshops
  • On-campus recruitment drives
  • Employer Hosted Information Sessions
  • Annual Job Fair
  • Mock Interviews for Internships and Jobs
  • Annual Employer’s Guide
  • Employer’s Feedback

The Career Services and Internships Office offers career counseling to the students of forman who are looking for a suitable major for themselves or need assistance in making a much more refined and informed decision. They may also discuss the job opportunities with us by getting updates on the job market trends.

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The Career Services and Internships Office produces an Annual Employer’s guide which is sent to numerous organizations in Pakistan. Every year, the guide provides a brochure describing FCCU’s offered programs, a list of graduates with their majors and specializations, their contact information and a USB/CD containing all the graduates’ resumes.

  1. Employer’s guide 2015
  2. Employer’s guide 2016
  3. Employer’s guide 2017
  4. Employer’s guide 2018
  5. Employer’s guide 2019
  6. Employer’s guide 2020
  7. Employer’s guide 2021

Every year, Career Services and Internships Office hosts an annual Job fair which includes a carnival of various well reputed companies from many different industries. Every year, these companies get into conversation with students and recruit students that applied. Annual Job fair facilitates students to meet prospective employers from leading companies and submit their resumes for relevant job and internship opportunities. During such events, many recruiters conduct on-spot interviews and share information about their recruitment policies, company profiles and hiring procedures with the students.

  1. Job Fair 2018
  2. Job Fair 2019
  3. Job Fair 2020
  4. Job Fair 2021
  5. Job Fair 2022

The Career Services and Internships Office has MOUs and partnerships with several organizations where we place our students for internships to get hands on experience of a professional working setup. This makes the students more informed and prepared for a competitive job market once they step out of the university.

Types of Internships

Career Services and Internships office provides variety of internships to students. This helps them to have an experience of the market outside in their required area of field.

Internships are of two types primarily:

  • Credited Internship- Internship Course 498
  • Non-credited Internship

Credit Internship- Internship Course 498

Students as required by their major must enroll for the Internship Course according to their course catalogue. Students are required to enroll for credit internships worth 3-6 credit hours, depending upon the Academic department via EMPOWER. This works exactly like a course registration.

 Criteria for Internship Course Registration

  • Students are ideally required to undertake internship in the summers after their junior year while they are transiting to their senior year.
  • After completion of 70 credit hours of course work at the University.
  • The duration of credit internships may vary between 6 to 12 weeks and follows the policies of academic council.

Some academic departments may allow the students to register for internship in spring and Fall as well, however; the discretion is held by the department Heads, which is most likely dependent on the number of registrations.

Non-Credited Internship

The Career Services and Internships Office also provides non-credited internships to students who are willing to have an exposure to a job environment. They will not be getting the credits as it would not be the registered course but what they take away from it is the learning from experienced professionals.

Adnan Ilyas Aziz
Head of Career Services & Internships

Maryam Khalil
Manager Internships
Ext 319

Syed Farqaleet Kausar Bukhari
Assistant Manager Employer Engagement
Ext 334

Farhan Ijaz
Senior Officer- Internships

Syeda Mariam Zahra
Career Services Officer
Ext: 327

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