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Hostel residents must give one-month prior notice to leave the hostel or the full fee for the next month will be charged.

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Non-residents of Lahore who want to study at FCCU? We have a solution for that. At FCCU we provide safe and secure housing for almost 630 residents from outside Lahore. Students from across Pakistan from age 17 to 25 years come to FCCU.


We try to inculcate a sense of responsibility through our different activity programs and focus on teaching them how to live with each other irrespective of their race, class, creed, cultural and ethnic background. Students who come from outside Lahore can apply for hostel space in FCCU’s 3 hostels for Baccalaureate students, Shirazi and West Halls provide accommodation to 260 Baccalaureate male students, while Hope Tower houses 370 female Baccalaureate students. Meals are served at fixed times in the dining hall of each hostel. The hostels have faculty members who serve as Guardians and Residents Assistants who live in the hostel and supervise the quality of student life.


Admission to FCCU does not guarantee hostel space. A separate hostel form must be filled to secure hostel space.

Please note that Hostel Allotment will be done on the basis of first come first serve

Step 1: Get your Roll Number from the Admissions Office.

Step 2: Fill the Intended Hostel Admission form. Once you submit the form, you will be queued for the respective hostel’s waiting list. After filling this form it is not guaranteed that your hostel allotment is confirmed. Seats will be given on “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE” basis. Please fill one of the following form as per your admission class & gender. (1st year/2nd year/ Freshman Baccalaureate Male /Existing students Male/ Baccalaureate & Postgraduate Female)

Step 3: Once you receive a confirmation call, you will be required to follow the procedure as below:

Download the Hostel Application form from FCCU website, fill it up and attach the list of documents given below.

List of Documents to be attached with the form:

  • Copy of Roll Number Slip
  • Father’s CNIC Copy
  • For intermediate students, a copy of result card is compulsory
  • 1 Passport size photograph
  • In case you are Overseas student, you must attach a copy your passport

Please click here to download the hostel application form.

Step 4: Fill out the form and attach photocopies of the required documents as mentioned. Then, submit to the Residential Life Office. Also please bring along your fee according to your occupancy type with your documents so that you can secure your hostel admission

Step 5: Further details will be explained by the Residential Life Department.


  • The hostel allotment is done on a first come first served basis and limited seats are available each year.
  • The hostel facility is only for those students who are admitted to FCCU from outside Lahore.
  • Forms without University/College roll number will not be considered.
  • For boys hostel allotment is only for two years (Freshmen of Fall semester & Sophomore Year)
  • “Due to the Government’s provided social distancing policy & SOPs for the  prevention of COVID-19, only single & Double occupancy rooms will be offered, This could result in having less seats available to be offered. Please bear with us until the situation gets better however, we will try our best to create more spaces in the due course.

Fee Structure for Hostels

For Baccalaureate students, all the hostel fees need to be paid upfront for every semester.

The Semester fee for occupancy and mess will be deposited along with the security fee which is refundable when you will leave the hostel. The fee must be paid on yellow Challan/Slip form which is available at HBL, FCCU branch Lahore only.

Residential Life Office will be informing students on the waiting list via phone call, text message and email on their provided contact information. We will call a student 3 times in case they do not respond within the given time, and after that, we will move on to the next candidate.

The waiting list will expire after 02 weeks of display. In case of no response, authorities will not be responsible for the reservation.

Note: After getting their roll number, freshmen need to apply through the empower web module against housing requests. Once you submit the form, you will be queued for the respective hostel’s waiting list. After filling this form it is not guaranteed that your hostel allotment is confirmed. Seats will be given on a “FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE” basis.

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