Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Financial Aid Program at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) stems from the belief that student financial aid services should facilitate and foster the successful academic participation of students who are unable to cover up educational expenses. FCCU values diversity and aims to make quality education accessible for meritorious and financially deprived students to become a responsible citizen of the nation and the country.

FCCU set aside a significant amount of budget for the scholarships and committed to make education affordable for students and their respective families through its generous funding. Under the academic year 2021-22, FCCU provided scholarships of PKR~241 Million to 1914 students.

Note: Dates are tentative and subject to change due to Covid-19 restrictions and change in policy.

Notice for Financial Aid Applications 2022-23

Financial Aid Beneficiaries (Existing Students):

Financial Aid Applications Submission

The applications of last year financial aid beneficiaries 2021-2022 are being reviewed based on the previously provided information and students will be informed through official email ID (, whether or not  such students need to submit new application for the academic year 2022-2023.

Financial Aid Awards 2022-2023

The financial aid beneficiaries will be notified through official email, soon after the financial aid awards for the above-mentioned period have been processed. Such students will automatically get financial aid award in the student billing account for the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 after registration as a full-time regular students in the respective semesters. Moreover, the financial aid award letter will also be available on empower web module under the financials tab.

Non-Financial Aid Beneficiaries 2022-2023

Students who have not applied or received financial aid in the previous years can submit financial aid application 2022-2023 as per application deadline schedule if there is any significant change in the financial circumstances of the family. The submission of financial aid applications along with required supporting documents are mandatory for this category. The link to download procedure and list of documents is given below:

Click here to access Financial Aid Application Form

Click here to download List of Required Documents

Freshman Candidates: (Provisional Admissions)

Interested candidates seeking admission can apply for financial aid application 2022-2023 after getting enrolled in any of the Baccalaureate programs at FCCU. If any candidate intends to know the provisional financial aid assessment, he/she may apply for the process after clearance of the FCCU admission test and admission offer by FCCU. To apply for provisional financial aid assessment, click here.

The provisional assessment form and required documents should arrive at the following mailing address through courier:

Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Room # 15, Ahmed Saeed Admin Block,

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)

Ferozepur Road, Lahore

Phone: 04299231581-88 Ext 331

For queries, please write to us at

Dear Prospective Students and Parents, With over 150 years’ history of quality education, Forman Christian College has produced graduates who have leadership positions in government, business, education, various professions, religion and arts. In the last twelve years there have been monumental changes to the University. Since denationalization in 2003 and gaining its own University Charter in 2004, Forman Christian College has come to be known for a quality liberal arts education that offers an American-style 4-year Baccalaureate degree program designed to meet world-class standards. As a private not-for-profit university, our focus is on providing the best possible education for our students.

Our high-quality faculty takes personal interest in each student and each student has a member of the faculty to serve as his or her academic advisor. Teaching standards are ensured with an up-to-date curriculum and by bringing in the latest developments in each field.

Located on a beautiful and safe campus with many academic buildings, sports grounds and a swimming pool, we have a rich tradition of providing co-curricular activities through various student societies and sports.

At FCCU we are a community of concerned persons who try to live by the core values of the university: integrity, commitment to excellence, discipline, justice, respect and service to community. We are dedicated to living out the college motto, “By love serve one another”.

It is our mission to make this educational experience available to all who academically qualify, regardless of their financial position.  Thus we have instituted a significant financial aid program, which is both merit and needs based.  The criteria for those who qualify and the guidelines for applying are provided by our Financial Aid Office.  The cost of education is high but Forman Christian College is doing all it can to make it possible for students without means have access to this high quality education.

Welcome to Forman Christian College!

Welcome to the Office of Student Financial Aid!

Our mission is to provide financial aid services to help deserving and meritorious students to realize the dream of graduating from the Forman Christian College (A Chartered University).

As famous quote by Malcolm X goes like this “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.”

Preparing to attend college is an exciting time in your life, and we are pleased that you consider FCCU by this valuable investment to make your life; have enriched learning experience.

Forman Christian College aims to transform lives and prepare responsible citizenship for the nation. There are many reasons to choose one college over another and we would like to think that cost is the least significant. However, we know that cost, and therefore financial aid, are sometimes crucial to the decision-making process. The staff members of the Office of Student Financial Aid want to assist you and your family in any best possible ways to achieve your educational goals.

Good luck, and again, congratulations on committing to the most important financial decision you might make in life.

FCCU has announced the Flood-2022 Relief Scholarship Initiative for continuing students from flood-affected areas. Over the past several weeks, the Financial Aid team (among others) has received a number of petitions as well as letters of concern from students whose household incomes have suffered due to the catastrophic flooding which affected many parts of Pakistan earlier this year.

In particular, this assistance will help those students who have outstanding fees pending for spring 2022 and earlier periods who have experienced the following situations:


  1. Business/Income Decline/Job loss due to Flood-2022, whether experienced by the student or   a fee-paying parent or guardian
  2. Household damage due to Flood-2022
  3. Extensive health bills faced by immediate family members on account of Flood-2022 and/or its aftermath
  4. Death of earning family members, thereby significantly affecting family income.

Applications will be reviewed as soon as they are received (click here for the form). Once completed and returned to the Forman Financial Aid Office, the application will be reviewed by a committee that includes both academic and non-academic staff and has been charged with reviewing applications and overseeing the process.

Completed forms should be submitted to Room #15 (Ahmed Saeed Administration Building) between 9 AM and 12 AM. Deadlines for form submission are as below:

  • University Students – Wednesday, January 10, 2023

Baccalaureate Merit Scholarships

Baccalaureate Merit Scholarships are offered to high achievers based on their T-Score, which is an aggregate of past academic performance and the Forman Entry Admission Test (FEAT Accuplacer). The merit scholarship award covers a fee waiver against the program tuition fee. These scholarships have a limited number of seats on two levels, 50% and 25%, which are awarded to applicants on a first-come-first-served basis upon securing a minimum bench-marked T-Score as determined by the Admissions Committee.

Please note that only eligible students are intimated through the Admissions Office. The issuance of a university roll number is mandatory to be eligible for the scholarship benefit. The Scholarships will lapse if it is not secured through timely admission.

Application Collection and Submission:

Students who qualify are issued a scholarship offer letter by admission office and are required to collect and submit merit scholarship form at Room#15, Ahmed Saeed Administration Building for further proceedings.

Merit Scholarship Continuation Criteria:

  • Student must maintain a CGPA (cumulative grade point average) of at least 3.00 and be a regular full time university student taking a minimum of 15 credits per semester
  • Student must not be involved in any misconduct or in disciplinary action during their stay in the university
  • Merit scholarships are be awarded for the period of 4 years (8 regular semesters) and this award does not include optional summer and winter semesters

Note: Scholarships are awarded upon issuance of roll number from the Admission Office If a student changes his/her program after selection, the scholarship rate would be applied of the lower charged program. If candidates on the merit list do not show up for admission and seek a roll number by the deadline, the scholarship will be forfeited and offered to the next candidate(s) in line for that program. No appeals will be entertained by the university authorities in this regard.

Need Based Financial Aid

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) believes that deserving students should not give up their dreams of getting quality education because of financial constraints. The college, therefore, dedicates a significant portion of its budget each year to provide the need-based financial aid to its deserving and academically eligible students. The online financial aid application system is used to initiate its rigorous evaluation process to determine the unmet financial need of the family to enable them to get quality education at FCCU. With the persistent increase in the number of applications, we are solely able to consider the most deserving students in unmet financial need. The interested students can apply after the issuance of the college roll number by the admission office. Special considerations will be given to meritorious students from underprivileged families and minority communities.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Send email from FCCU email ID to get financial aid form access at
Step 2: Online access (username and password) of the financial aid application will be emailed.
Step 3: After filling out and submitting the online financial aid form, printed copy of online form along with all the required documents should submit on/ before the prescribed deadline in person at financial aid office window #15 or send at the following mailing address through courier:

                                                  Room # 15, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
                                                  Ahmed Saeed Admin Block
                                                  Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
                                                  Ferozepur Road, Lahore
                                                  Phone: 04299231581-88 Ext 331

Please note that Rs.500 (financial aid application processing fee) will be charged under FCC student billing account after issuance of financial aid form.

To be fair with all who apply for financial aid, we encourage to provide required information and documentation for the financial aid evaluation process.

Financial Aid Rechecking

Financial Aid applications are either accepted or denied after the evaluation of financial aid form by the financial aid department. Financial Aid office provides an opportunity to the rejected students for review of financial aid application, so that student can submit the additional documents related to the objection/s raised to rectify the reason.

The financial aid application is re-assessed to see if anything has been overlooked and needs to be rectified/considered upon submission of additional supporting evidence. After a thorough analysis of the provided information and documentation, the final decision of the re-evaluation is communicated to the student through email.

Renewal of Financial Aid:

All financial aid awards are provided for one academic year and needs to be renewed annually. Existing students who qualify for financial aid once are required to maintain prescribed eligibility criteria for continuation of financial aid in the following years. These students need to submit financial aid application form every year in order to be considered for need and merit based financial aid after meeting its eligibility requirements. The financial aid is granted to Baccalaureate students for a maximum period of 4 years (8 regular semesters). FCCU requires financial aid beneficiaries to complete their course requirements to graduate in time.

Financial Aid Warning/Disqualification

The Financial Aid Office evaluates each financial aid recipient’s academic progress at the end of every academic year for awarding financial aid in the following year. Students who are not meeting minimum academic eligibility criteria is considered ineligible for the financial aid award. Students placed on financial aid warning or disqualifications are notified. Any exceptions in this regard are referred to the financial appeal committee.

Fine/ Penalty:

All financial aid applicants are required to understand and acknowledge that if any of the information provided in financial aid form is found false or inaccurate or if it is found that there is any intentional concealment of facts then the student would become ineligible for financial aid during entire tenure at FCC and a penalty of Rs.10,000/- would be imposed against tuition fee. Furthermore, financial aid given previously (if any) would also be reversed.

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) reserves the right to use information given in the financial aid form for verification and other purposes as and when required.

Financial Award Adjustment:

Student receiving any type of financial aid is required to register as full time student in regular semester. Financial Aid adjustment is made when the status of a student’s semester enrollment changes from full time to part time (<12 Credit Hours). The full amount of financial aid award is adjusted for part-timers. All amounts related to financial aid are adjusted if found in surplus or any other reason not fulfilling the requirements of financial aid.

Refundable Security Surrender:

The recipient of financial aid award during any of the academic year will not be eligible to claim their refundable security fee as these funds will be adjusted towards financial aid general scholarship pools to help other deserving students.

Student Financial aid office reserves the right to make changes/ adjust/ revoke any provided award at any stage if discovers any information provided in the form was misleading/ incorrect or untrue.

Note: Student Financial aid office reserves the right to make changes/ adjust/ revoke any provided award at any stage of the semester if discovers any information provided in the form was misleading/ incorrect or untrue.

Work-Study Program

Student Employment is intended to facilitate students by providing employment resources and professional development opportunities through On-Campus Work Study-Program (WSP) at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University).

A student under WSP can work up to 300 hours on a semesterly basis. A WSP student is given a stipend of Rs.170/Hour (Subject to change every year depending on availability of funds).


Through this program, the undergraduate students who are unable to pay for their fees, hostel expenses and other university related costs can apply for on-campus job to meet their educational needs. The eligibility determined by financial aid office is mandatory to apply for this program. The interested candidates can apply online for this magnificent part-time job opportunity during any time of the year.

The eligible candidates meeting the requirements of the requesting department are short listed for the interviews by the department for further processing.

Click here to apply for work-study program

Working Hours and Remuneration

  1. A student under WSP can only work a maximum of 14 hours a week i.e., 56 hours per month. A WSP student is given a stipend of Rs.150/Hour (Subject to change every year depending on availability of funds.
  2. WSP students are supposed to conduct their duties in accordance with their job description, under the supervision of department head. A monthly report of the student’s performance and number of hours worked is submitted online on regular monthly basis by the department head/ supervisor.

 Student Selection Process

  1. The Departments sends a request to FAID office for hiring a Student Assistant along with their job description.
  2. A List of shortlisted eligible students is provided to that particular department for interview.
  3. Department conducts interviews of the shortlisted candidates and provides the information of the selected candidate to FAID office.
  4. Keeping into consideration the budgetary parameters, the selected student is issued an award letter of WSP appointment.
  5. After acceptance of the position by the student, a copy of the accepted appointment letter is submitted in FAID office and another one is directed to the concerned department head by the student for documentation purpose.

Payment Process

After the issuance of WSP appointment letter, an advance stipend payment (subject to joining date) for the period of 6 months (bi-annual) is processed in the fee account of the student. The monthly time sheet of each WSP student is submitted online by the supervisor using WSP supervisor account by 15th of every month for the preceding month.

After the submission of all bi-annual online monthly time sheets for the specified time period, advance payment adjustments are made as per the total number of hours received from the department of that particular time period. Each student is required to coordinate with the concerned department for timely submission of monthly working hours for smooth processing of stipend payments. WSP students are required to halt their services and inform FAID office if fee has been cleared.  After clearance of student fee, the work is considered voluntary if continued.

Job Discontinuation/ Transfer

The Administration and supervising department encourage student worker to remain in the positions the entire academic year, and when this is not possible, it is preferred that students change jobs between the semesters. However, academic work is the student’s primary responsibility. In case of conflict arising between classes and work schedules, or the job does not allow sufficient time for studies, the student can discontinue his or her position, or transfer to a different department. Student dissatisfied with the position should attempt to work out the difficulties with their supervisor. The FAID office provides counseling for anyone experiencing difficulties in such cases. In the event, the student decides to transfer; he must give two-week advance notice to the present supervisor. However, it is acceptable for the supervisor and student worker to agree upon a shorter period of notice. Examples of reasons for volunteer separation/ discontinuation are, but are not limited to:

  • The current position is being eliminated
  • The student has never shown up for the work
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Found a new job on campus

In most cases, volunteer discontinuation is mutually agreed upon by both the supervisor and student, and the student is eligible for rehire in the same semester in which the volunteer discontinuation occurs. Sometimes, a student is a good worker but they are not the right fit in a certain department or a work environment.

Procedure for Volunteer Discontinuation

Supervisor and the student complete a Job Discontinuation/ Termination Form obtain and return the completed form to the FAID. The student will need to make out a new application to FAID before beginning a new position.


Although terminations are infrequent, it is vitally important that all parties follow the University’s policies when a termination occurs. There are various reasons that a student may be terminated from their position. The following are examples of reasons for termination, but are not limited to:

  • Poor Performance
  • Behavioral Misconduct
  • Poor Attendance
  • Falsification of time worked reported on timesheet
  • Violation of University Policies
  • Misuse of confidential or privileged information
  • Misappropriation or theft of university property

If the supervisor is not satisfied with appointed student’s performance, the following steps should be taken:

  1. Verbal Warning: Discuss the problem with the student (make note of the day that the verbal warning was issued)
  2. Written Statement: If the problem continues, a written statement describing the problem, and consequences if the behavior is not corrected should be signed by both the student and supervisor. (The supervising department may wish to give the student a particular time frame in which to correct the problem.) This statement should be kept by the supervisor in the student’s personnel file.
  3. Termination: If there is no correction of the behavior, the student’s job can be terminated. The supervising department notifies the student and complete a Job Separation/Termination Form (obtained from the FAID). A copy of this form along with attached documentation is sent to the FAID.

Poor Performance or Attendance

Students who are dismissed from their position for poor performance or attendance will be eligible for rehire at another work-study position at the end of the semester in which the termination occurred.


Students who are dismissed from WSP for malfeasance (falsification of time records; misuse of confidential or privileged information; misuse, misappropriation, or theft of university property; acts of racial discrimination or sexual harassment; or other serious infractions) and who have been found upon the completion of the investigation by the responsible body to be guilty of such malfeasance will have the rest of their WSP eligibility cancelled for the rest of the academic years and they will not be eligible to receive WSP awards at FCC in subsequent years of enrollment. Work Study Program is a privilege not a right.

The Financial Aid & Scholarships office offers multiple scholarships of different categories for postgraduate programs. These scholarships will help the deserving and academically eligible students to get quality education at affordable fee charges. These scholarships are as follows

  • Merit Scholarships
  • Scholarships for MBA & EMBA Program
  • Scholarships for Masters Public Policy Program
  • Formanite Admission Scholarship
  • Need-Based Financial Aid
  • The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)

Merit Scholarship

Merit Scholarships of 50% tuition fee waiver are offered to top high scorers of all MPhil and MS program students (Except MBA, EMBA & Ex. MA Public Policy) as determined by the admission selection committee and announced by the admission office.

Scholarships for MBA & EMBA Program

There are three types of scholarships offered in these programs Merit Scholarship, Alumni Scholarship and FCC Staff and Faculty Scholarship. Details are mentioned below

  • Merit Scholarship

Merit scholarships are offered in MBA & EMBA program based on their last degree obtained CGPA. The scholarship percentage varies according to the CGPA.

Merit Scholarship Eligibility
100% For Students with CGPA ≥ 3.75
75% For Students with CGPA ≥ 3.50
50% For Students with CGPA ≥ 3.25
25% For Students with CGPA ≤ 3.00
  • Alumni Scholarship

To acknowledge and honor students who have completed their studies at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) can get a 50% fee waiver in the university tuition fee charges for MBA and EMBA programs after admission confirmation.

  • FCC Staff and Faulty Scholarship

The staff and faculty interested to join MBA and EMBA program will receive 50% tuition fee waiver, who are not eligible for Staff Development Fund. They can get this scholarship after admission confirmation.

Scholarships for Ex. Masters Public Policy Program

The scholarships are available for the persons who servers in Government sector, working in NGO and for the formanites, who have completed their degree from Forman Christian College.

Scholarships Eligibility
50% For Govt. Officials
25% For NGO Employees
20% Alumni Scholarship

Formanite Admission Scholarship

The formanite students can avail 20% tuition fee waiver in all postgraduate programs including PhD. The students must meet the admission eligibility criteria.

Need-Based Financial Aid

The Financial support is available for all MPhil and Masters program except PhD. Students can get upto 50% tuition fee waiver, who have financial constraints, unable to pay their full tuition fee. Interested candidates can apply for financial aid by follow the given steps:

Step 1: Send email at from student official Email ID to get financial aid form.

Step 2: Online access (username and password) of the financial aid application will be emailed.

Step 3: After filling out and submitting the online financial aid form, printed copy of online form along with all the required documents should submit on/ before the prescribed deadline in person at financial aid office window #15 or send at the following mailing address through courier:

Room # 15, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office

Ahmed Saeed Admin Block

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)

Ferozepur Road, Lahore

Phone: 04299231581-88 Ext 331

Please note that Rs.500 (financial aid application processing fee) will be charged under FCC student billing account after issuance of financial aid form.

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF)

The Punjab Educational Endowment Fund (PEEF) in partnership with FCCU offers a certain number of full fee scholarships along with a minimal stipend to talented and deserving enrolled students fulfilling the prescribed criteria. Applications are submitted at the Financial Aid Office, Room # 015, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building, Forman Christian College, Ferozepur Road, Lahore 54600.

Please click here to find the eligibility criteria for PEEF-FCCU Scholarship

Students qualifying for more than one scholarship category may avail one scholarship at a time. The higher category of scholarship will be applicable in such cases. Moreover, the deserving students may apply for Need-Based financial aid despite of availing any other scholarship offered under various programs.

BEEF Scholarship

BEEF Fully Funded Scholarship Applications are Open for the academic year 2022-23. 
Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Must be a citizen of Pakistan having a locale/domicile of Balochistan.  
  2. Must not be older than 23 years at the time of Intake for Scholarship for BS Programs and as per prescribed limit by institutions for Cadet Colleges/Boarding Schools
  3. Selection shall be made in the order of merit of marks obtained in FA/FSc/Intermediate according to the above criteria against the number of slots according to BEEF’s budget
  4. Must have attained at least 60% marks in Intermediate. Students having done Intermediate as Private Candidates are also eligible on the condition that they have done intermediate from Balochistan and attained at least 60% marks. No Supply/Compart/Failure Cases.
  5. Marks improvement cases may be allowed if the marks have been improved in the next immediate exam.
  6. Must not have an educational gap of more than 2 years (for example last eligible qualification not passed more than 2 years ago e.g. for 2020 up till 2018 pass outs of Intermediate are eligible)
  7.  Must have completed the last eligible qualification from any institution in Pakistan however selection priority would be given in the following order:
    • Having completed the last eligible qualification from any Public/Government Institution of Balochistan (1st Priority).
    • Having completed the last eligible qualification from any private institution of Balochistan (2nd Priority).
    • Having completed the last eligible qualification from any institution situated within Pakistan but outside Balochistan (3rd Priority).
For further details please visit the link mentioned below:
Note: Make sure properly filled applications along with required documents must be submitted before February 24, 2023, at Financial Aid  & Scholarships Office window # 15. Late/Incomplete Applications will not be accepted.


PEEF Scholarship


Undergrad Scholarships for Balochistan & Fata student


Baccalaureate Scholarships

FCCU Women Empowerment Scholarship Program

The Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is offering three (3) fully funded tuition and hostel fee scholarships under the academic year 2022-2023 to meritorious and deserving female students applying for 4-year Baccalaureate undergraduate program at FCCU.

The purpose of this scholarship is to prepare women leadership and learned citizens from remote areas of Pakistan by inspiring and enabling women to pursue quality education. The interested female students from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh and Gilgit Baltistan are encouraged to apply.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Successful Completion of Admission Requirements
  • Must be from a Pashtun Community having Domicile issued by the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Sindh or Gilgit Baltistan.
  • Must be able to demonstrate financial need of the family
  • Must possess the ability to learn new skills and ambition to serve others  

After successful completion of FCCU admission test, the high scorers will be shortlisted and called for selection interview. The meritorious yet deserving students will be given preference. Last year, FCCU distributed Financial Aid of 241 Million Rupees to 1,914 Students. Hence, female students from remote areas of Pakistan who are not selected for aforementioned 3 fully funded scholarships may also apply for Need-Based Financial Aid program to cover up their unmet need gaps for educational expenses.     

For further inquiries, please contact Admission office at or visit

For Financial Aid & Scholarships: Send an email at


FCCU Sports Scholarship

FCCU offers a 50% tuition fee scholarship to highly talented and competent players in different sports categories. The screening process to select the suitable candidate is performed by the FCCU Sports office through trials and interviews. The admission criteria will remain the same as per other regular candidates for this particular category. Students may reach out to the Admissions and Sports Office in this regard.

Contact Details:

Admissions Office: / 04299231581-8 Ext: 317/577

Sports Office:  / 04299231581-8 Ext: 312/712


Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) Fully Funded Scholarship Applications
Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Only Balochistan’s Students are eligible to apply.
  2. Existing students can apply for the academic year 2020-21 (Intake of Spring/Fall 2020)
  3. Freshman students can apply for the academic year 2021-22 (Intake of Spring/Fall 2021)
For further details please visit this page
Note: Female students having domicile of Balochistan are encouraged to apply. Make sure properly filled applications along with required documents must be submitted at Financial Aid Office window # 15. Incomplete Applications will not be accepted.

Postgraduate Scholarships


Does FCCU offer any financial aid/scholarships?

Yes, FCCU offers financial aid to all deserving and academically eligible students.

Are there any merit scholarships offered by the government? 

Students are encouraged to apply for merit scholarships as announced by the government. These scholarships are advertised at FCC. Currently the following scholarships are advertised:

Scholarships for students from Bahawalnagar, Balochistan, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Jhang, Kasur, Lahore, Mandi Bahauddin, Rajanpur, Sargodha, and Sialkot
PEEF (Punjab Educational Endowment Fund)
Scholarships for teacher’s children
Scholarships for disabled students
Scholarships for minority students

Who can apply for financial aid?
Every applicant who is applying for admission in any program at FCCU may apply for Financial Aid. FCCU does not discriminate on the basis of religion, ethnicity, or caste. We encourage students with genuine need to apply.

When can students apply for financial aid?
Provisionally admitted students can apply for financial aid at the time of admission while filling out the online admission application. Candidates, who apply for admission following the announcement of board results, can apply for Financial Aid on starting their classes. Continuing students may apply as the dates are announced by the Financial Aid Office.

What are the criteria of awarding financial assistance?
The Financial Aid Committee assesses the financial need of candidates and determines whether or not the candidate’s family has adequate resources to support the fee at FCCU. The need is determined on the basis of the financial credentials submitted by the student.

Is there any Financial Aid for hostel dues, Mess Charges, books, etc?
The financial aid award accommodates the tuition fee and may be considered for hostel charges as well.

Is it mandatory to submit Financial Aid Form online and in hard copy?
Yes, it is mandatory for all applicants to submit the Financial Aid Form online as well as a print out of the same at window #15, Ahmed Saeed Administration Building.

How many times can a student apply for financial Aid?  

Intermediate students can apply once a year for two consecutive years.
IEAP students are eligible only for one academic year (this counts towards 2 semesters).
Baccalaureate students can apply once a year for four consecutive years.

What is meant by physical verification?
The Office of Financial Aid carries the discretion to physically verify the facts provided through credentials by the student applying for financial aid at any point of time during their tenure at FCCU. It may include a visit to the student’s house/ business or inquiry from neighbors.

How are students informed about their Financial Aid status?
Students are informed through official emails, SMS sent on the contacts provided, as well on their web portals.

Does FCCU offer scholarships other than financial aid?
Yes, FCCU encourages its students to apply for all government and non-government scholarships and loan schemes. We also offer Work Study Program to Baccalaureate Junior and Senior Students in which students work part time in FCC and receive stipends to support their education.

Does everyone who applies for financial Aid receive it?
Need-based financial Aid is given to deserving students who have truthfully completed their Financial Aid Form and have provided all the required documents that prove their genuine need and eligibility for financial aid.

Is there any penalty for providing fake/ incorrect information in the Financial Aid Form?
Yes, students face a fine of Rs 10, 000, permanent rejection and reversal of all previously awarded financial aid in case of providing fake/incorrect information.

Can I apply for the financial aid during the semester/year?
If the financial situation of the student’s family changes drastically due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. natural disasters like flood, death, layoffs from job etc, the student must submit an application with proof of incident at the Financial Aid Information Window to apply for financial aid.