The Faculty Advising Office organized the “Annual Advising Lunch” on May 7, 2024, to recognize the services of Faculty Advisors, particularly those assisting Freshmen and Sophomores, Advising Coordinators, and endorse the role of chairpersons in the advising system, along with their active participation in various events and training sessions. Deans attended the occasion. Group photos were taken to commemorate the event.

This tradition has continued since 2012. Dr. Atiq ur Rehman, Head of Faculty Advising, presented a brief progress report on training sessions, organized events, and developed materials. Additionally, he emphasized the importance and necessity of ongoing communication, advising sessions, and team building. He also expressed gratitude to the Rector and Vice Rector of FCCU for their unwavering support and kindness. The significance of collaboration with other departments and the Advising Center was underscored.

Vice Rector FCCU, Dr. Doughlas Trimble, and Rector FCCU, Dr. Jonathan S. Adleton, shared their perspectives and commended Dr. Atiq and his team, particularly Faculty Advisors for Freshmen and Sophomores (UNIV-100 instructors) for their efforts and contributions to enhancing the Advising System at FCCU for the students’ benefit.

Chief Guest, Dr. Jonathan S. Adelton, the Rector of FCCU, expressed his views on the report and praised this tradition. He applauded all Faculty Advisors for their role in actualizing FCCU’s mission. Participants enjoyed the event and displayed keen interest in Faculty Advising, reaffirming their commitment to effectively fulfill their roles.

This event serves as both a socio-cultural and academic gathering, fostering a renewed spirit, passion, and enthusiasm to prepare for the future.

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