Excellence Through Learning

The Department of Computer Science is part of the Faculty of Computer and Mathematical Sciences. It offers a rigorous undergraduate program for students who are excited by the influence of computing and want to tackle the IT challenges of tomorrow. Computer Science is a fast-changing field. Our program aims to equip students with a fundamental knowledge that enables them to keep abreast of the developments, to contribute in the field of IT and to innovate.

Programs Offered

The Baccalaureate in Computer Science (Hons) is one of the most rigorous programs in the country, taught by one of the best faculties. If you are looking for an exciting, challenging and modern Computer Science undergraduate program taught in an enabling and dynamic environment by the best instructors, you need look no further than our department at FCCU. Click here to visit Baccalaureate (Hons) in Computer Sciences to find out more.

A postgraduate degree in the field of Computer Science at Forman Christian College opens the doors for the graduates to innumerable possibilities in the fields of Software Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Computational Imaging & Vision, Information Sciences and Technology and Data Science for a successful career. Click here to visit MS Computer Science to find out more.


Department of Computer Science (DCS) derives its mission from the mission of FC College (A Chartered University) to transform DCS into a top-ranked department in the region in terms of academics, research, service-orientation, and entrepreneurship.


DCS has set for itself a set of objectives as mission to meet the goals of the university. These objectives are:

  1. To provide a high quality and broad-based undergraduate and graduate education so as to produce graduates in the discipline of computer science who will be able to think critically, successfully solve problems in their professional career, and engage in lifelong self-directed learning.
  2. To educate students to be successful leaders and innovators fully aware of their local and global context and capable of meeting complex challenges.
  3. To ensure grooming of students so that they have sound moral and ethical values, and thus contributing positively to the uplift of the country.