Student Statement for Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is committed to preserving the diversity of our campus population while maintaining the high academic standards needed to achieve our vision of being recognized as one of the best educational institutions in the subcontinent. Throughout our history, we have served the poor and minority students alongside the wealthy and powerful. In recent times, we have renewed our commitment to helping to educate minorities, marginalized communities and those from poor rural backgrounds. In addition, we focus on ways to attract more women to our campus, particularly those from areas with little or no access to education for women above the intermediate level. While it is important to focus on the admission of these groups, we also work to ensure ethnic diversity within our student population. This means that we actively recruit students from all areas of Pakistan and provide our current students and alumni with materials and information to assist with this in their home villages and schools.While it is important that our students meet the academic criteria needed to be successful here, we recognize that many of our students from these targeted populations will be first generation or will have come from less academically rigorous institutions. For these reasons, we provide the students from minorities and marginalized communities with a slightly more lenient formula in our admissions assessment in order to assist them in being granted admission and have established an office that will focus solely on identifying and, to whatever extent possible, eliminating the reasons these students do not make it to graduation.For students struggling to pay the admissions fees, exceptions can be made through application to the Financial Aid Office. This amount would then be taken from aid granted later. For many students, especially women, from areas outside the Punjab, residential space is essential for them to attend Forman. We have constructed a hostel for women that has sufficient space for the next several years for housing those who need it. We already have plans in place for housing them if and when that space is no longer sufficient. We are renovating and enlarging the men’s hostels and will begin fund raising for another one in the near future. In the meantime, there is hostel space reserved for students from various areas of the country with the least access to education. Hostel scholarships are offered to the neediest of our students. This ensures that poor but qualified students from areas outside Lahore will not be forced to turn down admission solely on the basis of financial need or a lack of a safe, clean place to live.
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