Academic Forms

Transcript Request Procedure For Overseas Mailing

Please follow the procedure below to apply for your transcript:

  • The student will send a request to the Academic Office at ( ). The subject should be “Request for an Official Transcript”. The email should clearly mention the name, roll no. and the delivery address.
  • The Academic Office will send the Transcript Request Form to the student who will then send it back to the Academic Office, after depositing the requested fee. Proof of payment (scanned copy) must be attached.
  • We will only process the requests after verifying all payments and dues are clear (including the fee for Transcript).
  • Standard processing time is 3 weeks. Urgent requests are processed within 2 weeks.
  • Sealed transcripts will be dispatched and a confirmation e-mail will be sent to the student.


*Program will not be changed if the required T-Score (of the current year) is below the required merit.