Policy on Sexual Harassment 

Effective immediately FCCU is implementing the HEC Policy on Protection Against Sexual Harassment. We have implemented and been following the law. The HEC policy adds items that make it more helpful for students. The policy is posted on our website (https://www.fccollege.edu.pk/hec-policy-on-protection-against-sexual-harassment/)

The Rector has nominated the following employees to facilitate the implementation of the policy. They will hold this office for a period of two years.

Focal Persons:

  1. Ms. Aisha Ateeq (University Psychology Department)
  2. Dr. Ivan Suneel (University Psychology Department/V.R. College)

Academic Inquiry Committee (for hearing complaints against faculty & students):

  1. Ms. Mussarat Shahid, Chair (University Writing and Communication Center)
  2. Ms. Maryyam Khan (University Business Department)
  3. Dr. Aneel Samuel (College Urdu Department)

Administration Inquiry Committee (for hearing complaints against staff, vendors/contractors & visitors):

  1. Ms. Eileen Dass, Chair (Rector’s Office)
  2. Ms. Sameen McAuley (Human Resources)
  3. Mr. Asif Anwar (Purchase & Fixed Assets)

The Appellate Committee:

  1. Mr. Douglas David, Chair (Human Resources)
  2. Dr. Shahida Dilawar Shah (College Urdu Department)
  3. Dr. Faiza Zaheer (University English Department)