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Notice for Spring Semester Classes

Dear University Students,

As we come to the home stretch of the Fall 2021, we are faced with significant hurdles: Omicron and PSL cricket matches. We have, therefore, decided to shift all courses online for the rest of the semester, effective Monday, 24 January. That said, we are keeping the campus open! In making decisions like this, we take into account many factors including government directives, the Covid situation in Lahore and the country writ large, and decisions taken by peer institutions, such as Habib University in Karachi and LUMS in Lahore, both of which have reverted to online instruction. Here’s what will be online and what will remain open:


    • – All undergraduate and postgraduate classes, including class labs
    • – Final exams (undergraduate and postgraduate)

Open (as long as participants are well and not quarantining)

    •  – Hostels (but residents are allowed to leave if they prefer)
    •  – Research labs (must still be supervised per usual guidelines)
    •  – Library and Information Commons
    •  – Faculty offices (but faculty are allowed to keep office hours from home if they prefer)
    •  – Administrative offices providing student services from student windows (but Zoom meetings and phone calls are encouraged)
    •   – Group gatherings less than 50 are allowed but are encouraged to consider postponing until mid-March if possible

Even though the vaccines are not as potent at preventing infection as we would have hoped, they are still effective in helping reduce the likelihood of infected individuals being hospitalized. This is especially true of those who have been boosted, so please get your booster as soon as possible after 6 months have elapsed since being fully vaccinated. As we see a number of members of our community getting ill, here is how we will plan to proceed:

    • – We will proceed with business as usual as much as possible, prayerfully relying on God’s help during these difficult days.
    • – Faculty are free to keep office hours virtually and, in this case, will communicate to students when and how they can meet with you.
    • – Administrative offices will remain open and lab/support staff are expected to continue working, carefully observing all SOPs.
    • – Always wear your mask on campus, including when talking, singing, or taking photographs. Socially distance when eating and put the mask back on as soon as possible after finishing your meal. Wear a KN95 mask (without a vent, which thwarts preventing the spread of Covid) or double mask. Model mask wearing and insist that all students wear a mask over their nose and mouth.
    • – Because we anticipate seeing many students out sick, faculty is instructed to make lessons available to students asynchronously. Hopefully many who test positive will still be able to teach and study as they recuperate and quarantine, especially given that many Omicron cases seem to be less severe than earlier variants, at least for those who have been vaccinated. To support the anticipated high number of students who are or will be ill, making class lessons (videos, notes, PowerPoint slides, readings, etc.) available asynchronously on Moodle will help these students complete the semester successfully.
    • – If you are exposed to someone (non-family member) with Covid, wear your mask in public and monitor yourself for symptoms. If a member of your household (or house help or roommate) tests positive or has strong Covid symptoms, then quarantine for 7 days and continue attending classes online (see next item).
    • – Notify your instructors, your Chair and Registrar if you become ill.
    • – Final exams will be online because during that time we face the double threat of Omicron and likely road closures due to the PSL cricket matches. Thus, all undergraduate and postgraduate final exams will be online.
    • – The PSL matches (and hopefully Omicron too!) will conclude in time for us to start Spring 2022 on time and in person, starting on Monday, March 7.

I regret these disruptions to the academic operations of the University. Any changes, especially coming so late in the semester, cause stress to you and your instructors. I know that stressors negatively affect teaching and learning, so I find it unfortunate that we are faced with these operational hurdles. However, I am confident in you as a thoughtful, caring, and persevering student body. Please know that you are in my prayers during these most challenging times.


Dr. Douglas E. Trimble

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Important Notice for Vaccination Documentation

Dear University Students:

Student ID cards are now unblocked for students that have submitted valid vaccination certificates (or valid medical documentation) by Saturday afternoon. Everyone else’s ID is now blocked.

Here’s what to do now:

  • If you submitted your vaccination by the due date (or by Saturday 3:00 pm), you don’t need to do anything more. Come to campus for classes on Monday. We recommend coming an hour early so that you get through the gate easily.
  • If you submitted an invalid certificate, then you have received an email message informing you what to do to submit the correct form. Reply to the email and submit the correct document and you will be unblocked.
  • Anyone submitting a certificate by 3:00 pm Sunday can still be unblocked. Use this form: https://forms.gle/rpa8eJxrNE4FEqbn7.
  • Anyone submitting after 3:00 pm on Sunday will still be unblocked but you might face a delay on Monday until your card can be unblocked.

Monday will be a busy day for everyone, so please come prepared with a positive attitude and anticipation of what the new semester will hold you and your classmates.

Vice Rector’s Office

Important Notice for Students Regarding Vaccination Certificates

Dear University Students,

We are just a few days away from starting the Fall semester fully in person. We keenly look forward to welcoming you back on the campus.

Although in our previous message we mentioned that will be communicating regarding your vaccination certificates in the first week of November, but under recent Government guidelines, we have to expedite this process as only vaccinated students can be granted access to the campus. Under these circumstances, all student cards will be blocked from Monday 1st Nov. You cannot enter the campus until you get the first dose of vaccination and submit your vaccination card to the FCCU electronic database.

We have created a simple survey form on which you can enter your vaccination details. Here’s the URL for the survey: https://forms.gle/rpa8eJxrNE4FEqbn7.  Completing this form only requires a few minutes of your time. Through this link you will also need to submit your vaccination certificate or vaccination exemption medical evidence. You will be able to get the certificate even if you have only received the first dose of vaccination. You can apply for the vaccination card in Nadra office www.nadra.gov.pk. You can also get a vaccination card online: the information is available on https://ncoc.gov.pk/covid-vaccination-en.php.

The deadline to complete the form and submit this information is Friday 29th Oct 2021, 5pm. If you are not able to follow this deadline you wouldn’t be able to start the semester on time. Please note the following information carefully:

1)    If you are not vaccinated so far, you must get the first shot as soon as possible.

2)    By Friday 29th Oct, 5pm- complete the survey regarding your vaccination status https://forms.gle/rpa8eJxrNE4FEqbn7 and attach your vaccination certificate.

3)    If you have a medical condition and you cannot get vaccinated, please attach valid medical evidence on the same survey link.

4)    Soon after you submit the form, your documentation will be verified by FCCU and your card will be unblocked. If your documentation will not be acceptable you will hear back from us.

5)    On Monday 1st Nov, plan to be on campus an hour before your scheduled time of class. This will allow you to enter the campus on time and be in your classes in an orderly manner. Remember that 1st November is the first day of classes without the week of add and drop and your attendance will be marked by the faculty from the very first day. Add/drop ends on 29th October, so be sure to complete any schedule adjustments by then at the lastest.

We hope that you will be able to meet the above requirements in a timely manner and will be able to access the campus without any difficulty. Once again, a very warm welcome back on the campus!

With best wishes for your well-being and success,

Dr Gloria Calib

Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Dear University Students,

At FCCU, it is important for us to listen to our students to get a better understanding of your issues and perspectives. Through this email, we are addressing some of the concerns that are raised by some of you due to the previous communication made last week. That said, we would respond to these issues as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.    Why is the semester starting on 1st Nov instead of 4th Oct?

We have decided to delay the start of the semester because we are still working to meet our admission targets. This is not unique to FCCU. Due to the delay in Intermediate Board exams, students across Pakistan have been slow to apply to universities without first year results or second year results. The intermediate result will be declared by 30th Sept. At minimum, we need four weeks to receive new applications, set up FEAT test, assess eligibility and offer admissions to prospective students. Our academic operations also need time to make sure that newly admitted students are placed in the right courses and they get a chance for proper orientation through Freshmen Experience.

Second, the situation of our admissions has direct implications on our budget. Like any other Higher Education institution, we are dependent on the new admissions to run the institution smoothly.

We want to pay attention to current student voices, but you are not the only ones in play. We have a short-term responsibility to you as our current students but also a long-term responsibility to future students to make sure the university sustains its viability. Thus, we have an obligation to have a robust freshman class. To do so, upperclassmen will need to wait for the semester to launch. In our General education classes both freshmen and upperclassmen get an opportunity to study together and learn from each other. This is consistent with our liberal education approach and we do not want to compromise this.

2.    Will the late start of the academic year delay my degree? 

No, your degree wouldn’t be delayed. We have diligently assured that the full contact hours have been maintained in the new calendar. Students are not being shorted. The FA21 classes will be wrapped up by 18th Feb and exams will end on 2nd March 2022. With this you will be able to register for Spring, Summer and Fall semesters. Spring 2022 will run from 7th March to 24th June, with exams finishing by 6th July (before the Eid-ul-Adha holiday). Students who are planning on admissions in international universities will be facilitated in their admission process.

3.    Why is the ‘add and drop’ week removed as per previous practice?

By changing Add/Drop to the three weeks prior to classes, in fact, we have rescued a week of instruction for the benefit of students. Previously, it was difficult for instructors to start teaching until Add/Drop was over, so in many instances students effectively lost a week of learning. The purpose of shifting Add/Drop prior to the semester is to save this week and allow faculty to start teaching from Day 1. We realize that one implication of this shift is that students won’t be introduced to their classes while they still have a chance to make changes to their schedules. We know that examining the course outline and hearing an introduction to the class from the instructor help students make informed decisions; thus, we have arranged for students to have access to this information during Add/Drop. All students will have access to all course outlines and video introductions for all undergraduate courses. Add/Drop will be 11-29 Oct, and you will have access to these course introductions and trailers to make informed decisions. Faculty are being asked to do this additional work so that we can serve students by salvaging the first week of classes which allows proper instruction from the first day of class.

4.    Why is credit overload not allowed?

We would like to make clear that credit overload limit and approval process is in place to ensure compliance with Higher Education Commission requirements. You are well aware that FCCU has adopted the following policy:

‘Students must take 8 regular semesters (Spring and Fall) to graduate. Summer and Winter terms can be taken as they wish. – However, they should only take these terms in order to graduate on time, NOT to attempt to graduate early. While, FCC recognizes degrees once all requirements are complete, HEC will not attest degrees with less than 8 regular semesters taken’.

So, credit overload cap is to benefit students in HEC degree verification process. It also plays a vital role to ensure student success. Credit overload is allowed for students who are in good academic standing and need it to complete their degree as per their road map. A need assessment is done carefully on a case-by-case basis by the Academic Advising Center.

5.    Why is FC following a blended calendar and not fully in-person classes mode?

We have only closed on-campus classes when the government has forced us to do so. All universities are all under the authority of the government to close when the situation warrants. We are not at liberty to defy the government. We understand that on-campus learning is best and we have been open as much as government structures allow. Because we have not been allowed to be fully in person, we have adopted blended learning as the best approach possible while still adhering to the Covid SOPs and Government directives to reduce strength on the campus.

6.    With blended instruction why cannot the University refund fees?

We cannot refund the fee because most of our expenditures remain whether we are in person or blended. Faculty salaries and utilities make up a large portion of our outlay. Tuition is warranted to the degree that student learning objectives are achieved. We have a rigorous system of assessment to verify that students are achieving the goals of the class, even during the pandemic that has forced us to implement online and blended modes of instruction.

With this, we hope that you will understand the context of the previous communication and will appreciate our openness and transparency for the decisions taken recently. Once again, we want to assure you that we are committed to the timely completion of your degree and provide you with high-quality learning experience in these unprecedented times.

With best wishes for your well-being and success,

Dr. Douglas E. Trimble

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs 


Dr. Gloria Calib

Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs 

Dear University Students,

Welcome to September! Ordinarily, we would be actively preparing for the imminent start of the academic year. But once again this is not shaping up to be a “normal” year. We have not heard from the government if we will continue with blended learning, be fully in person, or be required to be online. We will keep you informed as soon as we hear from the authorities.

The uncertainty of the upcoming academic year has impacted the start of Fall semester.  Thus, we have decided to postpone the start of the academic year until November 1, 2021.

Please note the following information carefully.

1.    The delayed start of Fall 2021 allows more time for you to be vaccinated. As per the government instructions, all students will be required to have two doses of vaccine before classes start.

2.    The new Add/Drop period is the three weeks before the semester i.e. 11-29 October. During this time all students will have access to both the course outline and the short video introduction on a Moodle site available to all. This will assist you to make informed course decisions without add/drop during the first week of the semester. Remember that the purpose of the new add/drop schedule is to allow instruction in classes from Day 1, thus salvaging a week of learning from the chaos of the old system.

(Note: there are no add/drop and seat exceptions during the semester, so once classes start on Nov. 1, changing class schedules will not be allowed.)

As October approaches, you will be provided with instructions on how to access the course outlines and course trailers during Add/Drop.

We look forward to welcoming you for the fall semester.

With our best wishes,

Douglas E. Trimble, Ph.D.

Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Gloria Calib, Ph.D.

Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Important Notice for Students

Dear University Students,

We are so pleased to welcome you back to Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) Campus.  In order to be back on the campus, each student will have to submit the Health Declaration form (click here to download). You will need to bring your Health Declaration on the first day to the campus (Feb 01 for students with even IDs or Feb. 15 for students with odd IDs). You would not be allowed to enter on the campus if you don’t comply with this.

The guards on the main gate will collect this form from all students. Hostel Guardians will collect this form from all hostel residents. We have COVID SOPs in place and we’re confident that we would be able to provide you a healthy and safe environment.

Vice Rector’s Office 

Notice for Re-Opening of Campus

Dear University Students,
I write to you today about two issues: blended calendar and final exams.
It has come to our attention that the revised blended calendar (sent on Jan. 15) is unbalanced in favor of odd IDs on campus in FA 20: 22 days for odd IDs versus only 14 for even IDs. This is not equitable, especially since evens wouldn’t have another Friday on campus due to Kashmir Day. The revised blended calendar (below) balances the on-campus experience much better: 17 days for odd and 19 days for even.
Blended Calendar 2021



(1, 3, 5, 7, 9)


(0, 2, 4, 6, 8)

Hostel Residents

Post Grad

Jan 11-Jan 29





Feb 1-Feb 12


On campus

On campus

On campus

Feb 15-Feb 19

On campus


On campus

On campus

Feb 22-Mar 3

Final Exams




On campus

Mar 8-Mar 19


On campus

On campus

On campus

Mar 22-Mar 31

On campus


On campus

On campus

Apr 1-Apr 5

Easter Holiday

Apr 6-Apr 16


On campus

On campus

On campus

Apr 19-Apr 30

On campus


On campus

On campus

May 3-7


On campus

On campus

On campus

May 10-14

Spring Break (Eid-ul-Fitr, subject to moon sighting)

May 17-21


On campus

On campus

On campus

May 24-Jun 4

On campus


On campus

On campus

Jun 7-Jun 18


On campus

On campus

On campus

Jun 21-Jul 2

On campus


On campus

On campus

Jul 5-Jul 14

Final Exams




On campus

Student Services 
As you are back on campus, please note that all student services will be provided online. An entrance in the N-Block administrative offices will be allowed only by invitation. This is to observe health and safety measures.

Final Exams

  • As you know, all undergraduate final exams are online and open book/open note (except oral exams can be closed book/note).
  • Postgraduate exams can be online or in person, but keep in mind that some faculty and some students have been given permission to work/study fully online due to medical/family concerns.
We will let you know if anything changes per government or HEC policy. Keep up the good work!
Dr. Trimble
Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

FCCU Final Exam Grievance Mechanism

  • Students who face special difficulties with final exams, such as online connectivity issues, should discuss them with the respective faculty member. If a resolution is not reached in this normal manner, the student can appeal to the Head of Department (HOD) that supervises the faculty member teaching the course in question. If the HOD is teaching the class, the student should appeal to the Dean of that Faculty.  If the Dean is teaching the class, the student should appeal to the Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs.
  • The appeal should be sent by email and clearly state the nature of the concern and the desired remedy. The HOD (or Dean or Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs) will form a three-member committee to review the grievance. The committee will comprise at least one faculty member and one member from the Vice Rector Office senior administration. The typical composition of the committee will be the HOD (chairing the committee), another faculty member in the department, and the Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. If the HOD is teaching the class, the usual composition will be the Dean (chairing the committee), another faculty member in the department, and the Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. In the case of the Dean teaching the class, the Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs will ask two other Deans to serve on the committee.
  • After the committee has discussed the grievance, the Chair of the committee will respond within one week to the student and faculty member, copying the response to the HOD, the Dean of the Faculty, and the Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs. The decision of the committee will be final and binding.
Vice Rector’s Office

Important Notice for Second Shift to Online Teaching

  • Dear Students,In compliance with the recent Government announcement regarding the closure of all educational institutions, we are shifting to online teaching. The first day fully online is tomorrow i.e. 26 November. Please note the following important information.
    1. Academic Calendar 

    Christmas holidays will be December 23-January 1. We will still have online classes January 4-8 (this is not a holiday). Pending further instructions from the government, we will resume the blended calendar on 11 January with even roll numbers back on campus and odd numbers remote. We will notify you in January of the plans for final exams.

    1. Teaching & Research

    No on campus teaching activities will continue. All undergraduate and postgraduate classes will be fully online. However, research labs are allowed to do their research with 50% strength. Both Undergraduate and Postgraduate research students are allowed to do their work on campus as long as labs only have 50% of their normal number of staff, faculty, and students. For example, if the lab usually has 2 faculty, 2 lab attendants, and 4 research students, then only 1 faculty, 1 lab attendant, and 2 research students would be allowed at any one time.

    1. Student Services

    All student services will be provided online. Please note the following important emails to request a student online service.

    Vice Rector Office vicerectoroffice@fccollege.edu.pk

    Academic Services Office academicoffice@fccollege.edu.pk

    Academic Advising Center advisingcenter@fccollege.edu.pk

    I.T.S Moodle Help its.moodle.help@fccollege.edu.pk

    Empower Student Information System: empowersis@fccollege.edu.pk

    MS Teams / O365: its.apps.help@fccollege.edu.pk

    Student Email related issues  ithelp@fccollege.edu.pk

    Student Affairs Office studentaffairs@fccollege.edu.pk

    International Education internationaleducation@fccollege.edu.pk

    Financial Aid financialaid@fccollege.edu.pk

    Accounts Office fccaccounts@fccollege.edu.pk

    FCC Hostels hostels@fccollege.edu.pk

    Campus Counseling Center ccc@fccollege.edu.pk

    1. Registrations/Withdrawals

    Students are not allowed to de-register or drop courses. You are allowed to follow the normal procedure for withdrawal with no refund.

    1. Academic Advising

    Academic Advising will not be able to facilitate the sending of course packs to students with connectivity issues. If you need academic advising please contact advisingcenter@fccollege.edu.pk

    1. Residential Life

    Hostels will remain open with reduced strength to accommodate research students, students from far-flung areas, and those with connectivity issues. For further information please contact FCC Hostels hostels@fccollege.edu.pk

    Please do not expect that faculty are available 24/7. You are encouraged to follow the scheduled virtual office hours (such as using Zoom). This is important that you respect the time of faculty and also maintain healthy boundaries and take appropriate times of rest.

    These are challenging times for FCCU, for Lahore, for Pakistan, and indeed for the whole world. We have pivoted to fully online before and we can do it again. We are confident that you will be able to respond successfully to this once again.

    Again, we are committed to ensure that our students are successful in Fall 2020. In case of need do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Affidavit and Health Declaration Forms for Fall 2020

Please click here to access the forms.

Notice About Fall Semester Reopening

Dear Students,

Greetings from Forman Christian College University. We have missed having you on campus since we had to go online in March due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. We are pleased to share that, after careful planning and consideration, we are gradually reopening the campus. In this letter, we aim to make the reopening plan clear and understandable.

We hope that you are safe and doing well. We know that Spring 2020 semester learning was a very challenging time for many of you. Although there were various uncertainties, we wrapped up the semester incredibly strong with approximately 4700 student registrations. Thank you for your dedication and hard work during an extraordinary Spring semester that posed obstacles for students, faculty, administration, and staff alike at FCCU and across the globe. Together we were able to finish the semester well; now it is time to start anew.

Firstly, we are able to open limited space in hostels for our students to complete Spring 2020 Incomplete grades. At this stage, around 200 students are invited to come back to the hotels from 7th Sept to 30th Sept 2020. Our administrative and academic operations are already open. Our faculty and post-graduate research students are already back on campus to work on their teaching and research projects.

Our goal is to gradually open the campus for all students, staff, and faculty. We are constantly monitoring the fluid health situation regarding the COVID outbreak. We will ensure that important information, decisions, and plans are communicated to you clearly and in a timely manner. We are committed to pursue academic excellence through the best possible teaching and learning experiences we can safely provide for our students in Fall 2020.


Dr. James A Tebbe, Rector

Dr. Douglas E Trimble, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Dr. Gloria Calib, Associate Vice Rector for Academic Affairs

Fall Semester: Frequently Asked Questions

  1.     When is the first day of classes?

The Fall 2020 semester will begin on October 26.

  1.     When does the Freshmen Experience start?

The orientation and classes for freshmen will begin on 19th October and will be wrapped up by Saturday 24th October. The incoming freshmen class will be communicated the detailed schedule of orientation, classes, and university ID card registration process through email by the first week of October.

  1.     What will be the Class Schedule for Fall?

We will follow the university schedule for M/W/F & Tu/Thu.

  1.     How will classes be taught?

We are determined to resume courses in the Fall using a blend of in-person and online instruction. We have formed our blended approach taking into account responses to the student survey and careful thinking and planning per HEC and government guidance. All baccalaureate classes will be taught in Blended mode in the Fall semester. In blended mode, half the student body will study in-person for two weeks and the other half will receive the same instruction remotely. After two weeks, everyone will swap.

  1.     What will the Blended Calendar look like?

The HEC has encouraged universities to reduce the strength of the student body, so that on any given day, we have fewer students on campus. This will, hopefully, help limit the spread of infection. Thus, undergraduates with odd roll numbers (last digit) will be allowed on campus for the first two weeks of class and those with even roll numbers (last digit) will learn remotely. After two weeks, those with even id numbers will come to campus for in-person classes and those with odd id numbers will learn from home. This does not apply to Hostel Residents and post-graduate students.

Fortnight Odd

(1, 3, 5, 7, 9)


(0, 2, 4, 6, 8)

Hostel Residents Post Grad
Oct. 26-Nov. 6 On campus Remote On campus On campus
Nov. 9-Nov. 20 Remote On campus On campus On campus
Nov. 23-Dec. 4 On campus Remote On campus On campus
Dec. 7-Dec. 18 Remote On campus On campus On campus
Dec. 21-23, Jan. 4-8 On campus Remote On campus On campus
Jan. 11-Jan. 22 Remote On campus On campus On campus
Jan. 25-Feb. 4 On campus Remote On campus On campus
Feb. 8-Feb. 12 Remote On campus On campus On campus
Feb. 15-Feb. 24

Final Exams

On campus On campus On campus On campus
  1.     What will be the teaching approach for Fall 2020?

Classes will meet in-person, and students/faculty/staff on campus will be required to wear a mask at all times and socially distance. These same lectures will also be delivered to the off-campus students online through Moodle, the University Learning Management System. This can be a combination of synchronous engagement (i.e. designated class time slot through conference or chat rooms) and asynchronous engagement (i.e. student learning occurring on the student’s timeline through recorded lectures, discussion forums, chats, blogs). In all cases, the curriculum will be available asynchronously for those with connectivity problems.

There will be some courses with no face-to-face instruction depending on the faculty’s exceptional situation. In this case Big Blue Button, Google Meet, Skype, and/or Zoom meetings will be scheduled to engage students and deliver the curriculum.

  1.     How will student entrance on campus be facilitated?

Biometrics and cards will be activated on respective days only for even or odd numbers in accordance with the blended calendar.

  1.     If I don’t want to come back on campus for in-person teaching, what should I do?

Submit a petition to the Associate Vice Rector.

  1.     Will the students on academic probation be allowed to register for Fall 2020?

The students suspended in Spring 2020 can register for Fall 2020. In order to register, the student must submit a petition to the Associate Vice Rector.

  1. Will Student Academic Support Services be available?

Being consistent with our student-centered approach, we aim to foster student success.  All academic support services will be provided online. Entrance in the Administration Block will be only facilitated with an invitation from the concerned office.

  1. What is the situation with the hostels?

Up to approximately 200 students are invited to stay on campus during the first round of reopening 7-30 September. Limited accommodation will be available for Fall semester. Continuing students would be provided residence based on prior signed contracts. We have limited space for Freshmen on the campus. The students would be informed about the space issues in a timely manner. In case of queries, please contact the hostel office.

  1. What are the SOPs for keeping the campus safe?

We are committed to ensure health and safety on the campus. We will implement a number of SOPs to mitigate the risks and prevent the spread of the coronavirus. All students, faculty and staff are expected to adhere to the health and safety protocols. We will follow the mandatory cleaning/sanitizing protocols, managing classroom capacities, maintaining safe social/physical distancing, wearing masks, modifying food service, regulating personal health checks, and quarantining when necessary. Hostel residents will also follow strict SOPs to ensure health and safety of the residents. In addition, the students returning on campus will be required to submit health and safety documents. Nearer the start of Fall semester, we will share the required documentation information.

  1. Will financial aid continue as before?

Financial aid is available. For more details visit the financial aid web page.

  1. Will student activities be available

All social activities in person will be on hold for Fall 2020. Societies will organize online activities, which can include online introductions of different societies and clubs, awareness sessions, webinars, social interaction, etc.

  1. For other related issues/concerns, whom should I contact?

Associate Vice Rector a.vicerector@fccollege.edu.pk

Academic Services Office academicoffice@fccollege.edu.pk

Academic Advising Center advisingcenter@fccollege.edu.pk

Student Affairs Office studentaffairs@fccollege.edu.pk

International Education internationaleducation@fccollege.edu.pk

Campus Counseling Center ccc@fccollege.edu.pk

Registrar’s Office registrar@fccollege.edu.pk

Admissions admissions@fccollege.edu.pk

Financial Aid financialaid@fccollege.edu.pk

Accounts Office fccaccounts@fccollege.edu.pk

Residential Life hostels@fccollege.edu.pk

Ewing Library library@fccollege.edu.pk

  1. Where can I get the updates? 

Please check your FC email regularly for correspondence and queries. For regular updates, you are encouraged to visit FC website and follow FC’s official social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and  YouTube.

Dr Wasiq Mathematics Undergraduate Lectures

Please click here to access the lectures

Popular Science Plus Social Science Lectures by Pervez Hoodbhoy

Physics/Maths Tutorial by Pervez Hoodbhoy

WHO – General Myths about Covid19


WHO Head’s Message Regarding COVID19


FCCU Academic Calendar Updates

Summer 2020:

Add/Drop Summer 2020:

Monday, 3rd August 2020

Thursday, 6th August 2020

Classes Summer 2020:

Classes Begin: Monday, 3rd August 2020

Classes End: Friday, 11th September 2020

Deadline for Course Withdrawal:

Monday, 24th August, 2020.

Course Evaluation Summer 2020:

Monday, 7th September 2020

Friday, 11th September 2020

Final Exams Summer 2020:

Tuesday and Wednesday, 15th and 16th September 20

Fall 2020:

Advance Registration Fall 2020:

Starts: Monday, 1st June 2020.

Ends: Thursday, 11th June 2020.

Degree Audit Notice by Academic Advising Center

Dear Students,

We know you cannot come to the Academic Advising Center but we want to help you in any way we can. If you need any assistance with your degree audit, please fill the following form and one of our staff will get back to you within 24 hours.  Please fill out the online course checklist before we call you and have your transcript available as well.

Click here to access the form

10 Tips for Better Online Learning by Sazabist

Library Services during COVID-19 Emergency

Dear Library Students,

Starting March 24th, the  offline and print-based library services will remain suspended till the COVID-19 emergency situation end. During this period, the delivery of printed materials has been suspended. Please note that:

1) Lending periods for books in circulation will be automatically extended for all user.

2) We will remain fine-free during the emergency period.

3) All library sections will be closed for users, until regular opening of University, except for the main Library, which will be opening from 9:00 am till 1:00 pm, Mon-Friday, with a skeleton staff, that needs to be on premises for specific reasons.

We foresee a growing need for ‘Online Information Services’ for the FCC faculty as they prepare to start ‘Online Teaching’ and online ‘Course Delivery’, from March 30th, 2020. We already have our Virtual Reference Services. We will continue to answer Reference enquirers  electronically or by phone, through our Library Helpdesk which will operate as follows:

CCC Shares Resources and Recommendations for FCCU Community in COVID-19

FAID Important Information

Financial Aid Application submission deadline has been extended till Friday April 10th, 2020. 

Kindly note that this date is extendable based on lockdown situation in the country and directives of the government due to Covid-19 epidemic until things get normalized. 

All students who intend to apply for the academic year 2020-2021 financial aid application may download and submit a hard copy of financial aid form along with all required documents. Financial Aid processing fee of Rs. 500 will be charged under the student billing account after receiving financial aid form.

Students are required to make sure to fill out financial aid application form properly and attach all relevant required documents. A Complete application sealed packet can be sent through courier and should reach before Thursday, March 26, 2020 at the following mailing address:

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)

Financial Aid Department

Room # 15

Ferozepur Road, Lahore

Phone: 04299231581-88 Ext 331

Click here to download List of Required Documents

Click here to download Financial Aid Application Form

For queries, please write us at financialaid@fccollege.edu.pk

Notice for Online Learning for Students

Dear Students,

At FCCU, the University leadership is closely tracking the impact of COVID-19 on a regular basis. The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff are our highest priorities.  In order to help mitigate risk to our entire community, at FCCU we are working on setting up online classes. This is an unprecedented situation and we are trying our best to prepare well to deal with the current situation.

At FCCU, we will be using Moodle for Online Teaching, it is the best Learning Management System for us as it is already linked with Empower. Some of the students are already using it, if you haven’t used it before please login to your Moodle account today. Make sure that it is working well. If you have any tech related issues please email to its.moodle.help@fccollege.edu.pkFor student guide on Moodle please visit http://tmoodle.fccollege.edu.pk/moodle/faq/index.html

We are aware that online may be a challenge for some students. Please email cherylburke@fccollege.edu.pk if you are not able to access internet on a consistent basis. If you have a friend or classmate that you know is unlikely to get this information, please let Ma’am Cheryl know about that situation as well. We are trying to come up with solutions to this issue before we go online on March 30th.

As a reminder, please make sure that you avoid shaking hands, wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitizer.

We will be sharing more information about your online classes with you as its available.

Vice Rector’s Office

Important Notice for FCCU Community Regarding Coronavirus

Dear FCCU Community,

As many of you are aware, the Government has directed all educational institutes to close till 5 April 2020 in light of the Corona Virus pandemic. FCCU will be following these directions and closing the campus till 5 April 2020.

Beginning on Saturday 14 March till Monday 30 March, FCCU will be suspending all academic and non academic activities for students. This means that classes will not be held during this time. After this initial 2-week period, FCCU is planning to make lectures and classes available online for our students.

For the 3-week duration (from Saturday 14 March till Sunday 5 April) FCCU will put on hold all seminars, conferences, talks, symposiums, educational trips and other events which constitute non academic activities. We are also asking hostel residents to return to their homes at this time.

Please refer all queries regarding this situation to the official FCCU Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/fccollege/) or check the official FCCU website.

As of now, we advise you to avoid shaking hands when greeting each other, wash your hands frequently, use hand sanitizer when soap & water are unavailable and avoid touching your face. Taking these measures can help keep you and your family safe.

We will be sending out further communications with information about online classes and will keep you informed if the situation changes.

Campus Advisory on Coronavirus

National and local health officials are closely monitoring the spread of the novel Corona Virus strain (COVID-19) as thousands around the world have been affected by it. There have been no cases in Punjab at this time. However, since Balochistan and Sindh are affected by the virus, it is important that we here in Punjab take the necessary precautionary measures to protect ourselves and our families.

How can we protect ourselves from Corona Virus?

  • Keep your immune system healthy through proper nutrition
  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds and definitely after sneezing or before/after touching your face or a sick person.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve (not your hands) when coughing or sneezing, if you are ill
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Avoid contact with others who are sick
  • Avoid travel to affected areas for the time being. This is especially advised for people who may wish to travel home (in affected areas) during the PSL break
  • Avoid going to crowded places like markets unless absolutely necessary

Please ensure that you seek medical assistance if you manifest symptoms like fever and cough/difficulty breathing.

Manifesting these symptoms does NOT necessarily mean you have the Corona Virus, but it means you should put on a mask and get assessed ASAP.

The purpose of this advisory is not to alarm but to inform you so that you may take the required measure to keep yourself safe. We understand that these are uncertain and stressful times, but we encourage you to look out for your colleagues and students and support each other. Please follow this link for more information from WHO:  https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/advice-for-public

Rector’s Office