Department of Education

Excellence Through Learning

FCCU’s Department of Education was revamped in 2003 when the University returned to private ownership. It is gaining a reputation for being one of the finest Education Departments in the country. It offers 4-year BS (Hons) degrees in Elementary and Secondary Education. The Department of Education is a vibrant department where students are prepared to become teachers, school leaders, and educational policy makers for 21st century educational environments. 
Our ability to learn and teach is part of what makes us human. It allows us to change not only ourselves, but also our organizations and societies. Quite simply, education can change the course of history. With FCCU’s Education degree, students gain the knowledge, understanding and expertise they need to understand education within schooling and other educational contexts. They study the different approaches and contexts to learning and how we develop as lifelong learners. Outside of the classroom they are able to study the role of education within societies and cultures, and the interplay between education, childhood, adolescence and lifelong learning.
Our program is proud to meet rigorous national standards for educators. Our faculty is experts in their respective fields of education who work closely with university and community stakeholders to support and engage students.

Department of Education’s Vision 

The Department of Education aspires to become the centre of excellence in educational research and innovative pedagogical practices and solutions.

Department of Education’s Mission

To prepare a competence driven workforce of future educators and leaders who are able to envision, create, and nurture a knowledge-based society through sustainable transformative pedagogical practices and solutions in Pakistan and beyond.

Programs Offered