This summer in June & July 2024, the Center for Learning & Teaching (CLT) at Forman Christian College, Lahore (FCCU) offers you an opportunity to join a FREE Online Course on Research Methodology. The course, comprising 20 webinars starts on June 3.

Based on the feedback for the 2023 course, 2 new webinars have been added this year. Please check the Schedule & Description for session details and your profiles.  

  • All who intend to join are requested to Register for free for the session of their choice
  • Please note, that there is one ‘Registration Form’ for all the sessions, but all sessions have different registration deadlines 
  • Digital certificates will be offered upon individual request and ONLY to those who join the sessions for 45 minutes (75%) or more (participation of a lesser duration will not be considered for certification)
  • Registrants will be emailed the Zoom link once the deadline date to register for the respective session is over
  • All those who register will also be provided the recording link along with any resource material of the online session

 Terms & Conditions for Certification:

  1. CLT does not issue the certificate for individual webinars. We issue a certificate for ‘course completion’ ONLY and for claiming it:
    1. Participants have to have at least 75% or more attendance in each of the webinars
    2. Participants have to request the certificate
  2. ‘Course completion’ means attending 18 webinars including one from either of the following
    1. Webinar 15 Research Writing and Publishing in Humanities,
    2. Webinar 16 Research Proposal and Writing in Social Sciences &
    3. Webinar 17 Reading, Writing, and Publishing in Natural Sciences
  3. Unless you rename yourself on your Zoom profile as ‘University name & Your name’ for the webinar/s, verification of your attendance will not be possible.

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