Business Bazaar 2024, organized by FCCU’s marketing students under the leadership of Ms Irtifa Nasir, was a celebration of creativity and the grit required to establish real businesses. The event underscored the students’ commitment to hands-on learning, demonstrating that the journey from conception to creation involves navigating the intricate details of entrepreneurship. The showcased businesses, ranging from personal care to fashion and lifestyle products, were a testament to the students’ innovative thinking and dedication.

As participants engaged in the grind of bringing their ideas to life, the bazaar became a vibrant marketplace where creativity met reality. It served as a platform not only for selling products but also for understanding the nuances of consumer interactions. The experience of conceiving, creating, and presenting these businesses highlighted the practical aspects of entrepreneurship, reinforcing the belief that true understanding comes from immersion in the entrepreneurial process. With a total of 17 businesses on display, Business Bazaar 2024 not only showcased inventive products but also emphasized the transformative journey that students underwent, instilling in them the resilience and creativity needed to establish real and impactful businesses.

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