Rector’s Message

A Chartered University that offers an American-style four-year Bachelor’s Degree Program designed to meet world-class standards for accreditation.

Distinctively FCCU

Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is ranked as a ‘W’ Category University by the HEC. It is also the only member of The Global Liberal Arts Alliance in all of Asia.

Giving To FCCU

Keeping our motto ‘By love serve one another’ in mind, we seek to empower students from humble backgrounds so that they can become leaders of tomorrow.

FCCU Mission and Vision


To impart, create and disseminate knowledge and to develop informed, ethical and responsible citizens, who are prepared to learn, lead and serve, who live by the college motto “By Love Serve One Another”


The Vision of the University is to be recognized as one of the very best universities in the entire subcontinent. This is in keeping with the distinguished reputation established during the first century in the life of the University.

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