Event Title: “Tackling Plastic Pollution Together: Steps Towards a Circular Economy”

Organizer: The Department of Environmental Sciences, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University), Lahore, Pakistan

Program and venue: It’s a two-part event involves:

(1) Talks Session by Experts

(Time: 10:00-12:30 | Venue: E-025, FCCU)

(2) “Plastic Pollution to Solution: A Prototype Competition”

(Time: 14:00-16:00 | Venue: S-Octa, FCCU)

Registration: Due to limited space registration is required. Last date to get register yourself for this event is May 20, 2023 using the link: https://forms.gle/q1yaHpUjXdZJu4MDA

Description: Plastic pollution is the harmful build-up of plastic products in the environment that affects wildlife, their habitats, and humans. Plastics are inexpensive, long-lasting, and easily available for use in various products, which makes it advantageous compared with other materials. However, huge amounts of plastic production and slow degradation due to their chemical composition make plastic an ecological threat for life.

The issue of plastic waste pollution is multifaceted and involves a wide range of factors. It encompasses not only the product itself but also the industry, consumer habits, and the entire consumption cycle. Its systemic nature affects numerous industries and sectors. Plastic pollution is a global problem affecting every country. The solutions to plastic pollution can only be implemented through joint efforts from governments, businesses,national and international organizations on reshaping the way plastic is being produced, used and managed.

The World Environment Day, since its creation in 1974, has developed into a global platform to act and raise awareness on pressing issues on Environment. This day has helped all environment sensitive people to raise issues like climate change, marine pollution, loss of biodiversity, poaching, wildlife crime, water crisis, glacier melting and many more. As the entire world is preparing itself to celebrate the World Environment Day 2023 on June 5, the Department of Environmental Sciences, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) is organizing a One-Day Event “Tackling Plastic Pollution Together: Steps Towards a Circular Economy” to mark the occasion. Individuals/Academia/Organizations/Companies/Industries/NGOs actively engaged to address this issue are welcome to be part of this event.

Due to limited space Registration is required. This a two-part event comprising of:

(1) Talks Session by Experts (plastic pollution, circular economy, strategies to beat plastic pollution, legal aspects of plastic pollution management) and;

The Detailed Program of the talk session will be updated soon!

(2) Display of Plastic Reuse/Recycling Prototypes during a competition “Plastic Pollution to Solution: A Prototype Competition”


Guidelines for “Plastic Pollution to Solution: A Prototype Competition”

It’s time to beat plastic pollution together through plastic reuse and recycling. Develop a plastic waste management physical prototype that uses plastic waste and transforms it into a resource in the form of a useful product that holds potential to be upscaled or significantly reduce the burden of plastic pollution on the environment. Read following guidelines to prepare your prototype:

  1. You can participate as individual or groups (3-6 people)
  2. Significant plastic types should be targeted and labeled on prototype. For the guidance details of plastic types can be viewed here Plastic Types
  3. Practicality and implementation of Prototype should be realistic.
  4. The implementing or using the Prototype should have a demonstrable impact on the plastic pollution load reduction.
  5. Approximate cost of prepared prototype.
  6. Economic benefit of the Prototype should be probable.
  7. The Prototype should be innovative and not a replica of a Prototype developed somewhere else.
  8. Prototype should be easy to bring in FCCU on day of event

For any query contact earthwatch@fccollege.edu.pk

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