The Government of Pakistan has started Prime Minister National Innovation Award 2022.  It is an initiative of the Prime Minister Youth Program. Financial and Technical support with incubation option. Eligibility for all Pakistani Nationals Youth aged b/w 15 to 30 years, and the deadline is November 15, 2022.
The National Innovation Award is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to present their innovative ideas related to 8 thematic areas with a specific focus on Eco-Innovation for a chance to win up to PKR 2 million.
Thematic Areas are:

1. Water Management & Sustainability (Irrigation, Water conservation, Waste & Water Treatment.)
2. Climate Change & Environment (Climate Mitigation, Disaster Management, Metro-scale pollution reduction, climate modeling.)
3. Information Technology & Telecom (Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Disparities in access to technology, 5G, and healthcare using ICT.)
4. Sociology & Philosophy (Intellectual heritage, material culture, future of work and family, politics, gender, and population.)
5. Urban Planning (Preservation of urban space and life, Planning of Second Tier Cities, Transportation, and Waste Collection.)
6. Innovative Governance & Reforms (Responsiveness to Citizen Services, Citizen Scorecards)
7. Sustainable Energy (Electric mobility, Smart energy, Transmission, and Grid issues.)
8. Food Security (Agriculture & Nutrition, Sustainable food eco-system.)

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