Message from Dr. Jonathan Addleton, Rector

Welcome to Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)!

You are about to discover an extraordinary community that is characterized by its learning environment, diversity, excellence in service and commitment to its values of discipline, compassion, justice and respect.

Our students come to FCC for various reasons; chief among them is the quality of education we provide. The University is ranked as a W-category institution by the HEC.

Our values of commitment to excellence and service to community have remained strong throughout our 156- year history, just as our academic plans have expanded to include 22 majors at the Baccalaureate level and 15 Postgraduate programs that meet international standards.

Our highly qualified faculty and staff are dedicated to achieving excellence in teaching and support to more than 8,000 students who come from across Pakistan. Our 30 student societies provide opportunities for personal growth, while our international education programs open doors for transformative experiences.

We place special emphasis on building an inclusive community that produces an environment that is safe and friendly and makes education a joy for everyone. You will find people here who share your passion for knowledge, and for making a difference in society.

You will also find that the Forman community “looks like Pakistan” in terms of its diversity. Indeed, students are attracted to Forman from every ethnic group, religious community and geographic region of the country.

Forman takes pride in its campus including its beautiful grounds, historic red-brick buildings and an auditorium designed by the same architect who designed the Minar-i-Pakistan. The campus also offers a calm place for reflection and discovery in the heart of Lahore, offering a quiet and peaceful refuge amidst the traffic and busyness of Pakistan’s second largest city.

We welcome you to Forman and invite you to experience the amazing opportunities that FCC has to offer, becoming part of a vibrant community of students, friends, researchers, teachers and scholars inspired by the long-standing Forman motto: “By love serve one another”.