Participate in Soliya Connect the World Program

FCCU welcomes you to “Soliya” Connect the World Program: Earn Certificate of Participation in Global Engagement.

Limited seats are available on (30) first-come-first-served.

Who can attend? Formanites. (Current Undergraduate students only)

Duration: 8- sessions from Oct 11, to Dec 3, 2021)

Time for each session:  Two hours once a week according to schedule.

Venue for the sessions:  From one’s own home.

Apply through the given link till Sep 5, 2021.

We are pleased to offer you this unique and wonderful opportunity.

Benefits are as follows:

  • Establish a deeper understanding of the perspective of others,
  • Develop the skills such as critical thinking, cross-cultural communication and collaborative problem solving,
  • Enrich your CV etc.

Connect Global is an 8-week program in which participants explore key global issues with fellow group members through a series of guided discussions.

How Connect Global Works:

Each student is placed in a different online group with approximately ten other students from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia, Europe and North America. Students will login each week for their two-hour group sessions over an eight week period, and each group is led by 2 Soliya-trained facilitators who guide the discussions and the dialogue process. Frequently discussed topics include:• Family • Culture/ Traditions • Role of Women & Men in Society • Stereotypes ( youth empowerment vision for the future, and brainstorm together on how youth can make a difference).

Important Timelines For application and online registration:

Submission of application Feb 4, 2021:

Due date for submission of application: Sep 05, 2021


List of candidates will be sent to Soliya: Sep 06, 2021

Registration with Soliya:

Due date for online Registration: Sep 20-Sep 27, 2021.

(Link will be provided to applicants/students).

Student should complete online registration process

through provided link late by Sep 27th, 2021 otherwise they

will not be able to participate in the program.

Schedule for Soliya Sessions will be sent: Oct 06, 2021

Student will receive schedules through their FCC e-mails.

Preparatory Virtual sessions at FCCU: (Mandatory to attend)

Two 45 minutes’ virtual sessions from 1:05 PM to 1:50 PM on Zoom (Link will be shared later)  Oct. 06 & 07, 2021

Online Dialogue Sessions will start from Oct. 11,  2021.

If you are interested, please apply by clicking on the provided link till

Sep 05, 2021 so that you may qualify for the program proceed further to register online with Soliya.

Application Link:

Feel free to contact me for further information:

Coordinator Soliy Program at FCCU.
Assistant Prof. DRS.
Head of Faculty Advising, FCCU.
F-107 (Faculty Block )
Cell# 030046422972.

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