MPhil Sociology

This program will be launched in Fall 2022 with the objective of providing a high-quality research-based education in line with market demand and by preparing students with sound academic foundations in Sociology and the Social Sciences, and an attitude toward lifelong learning. This two-year program is offered to students who have completed their 16 years of education in the field of Sociology or related Social Sciences. The program consists of a two-semester course work (24 credit hours) followed by a research thesis (06 credit hours) being supervised by a Ph.D. faculty member.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Department of Sociology, MPhil Sociology degree program, is to prepare students for various professional occupations in Sociology and related fields and/ or the pursuit of advanced degrees in Sociology, by educating them in the advanced concepts, theories, research, service, and ethics of Sociology and other Social Sciences.

The student learning objectives of the program include:

  • To master the concepts by understanding classical and modern theories in Sociology
  • To broaden students’ understanding of quantitative research methods and analysis techniques in Sociology
  • To broaden students’ understanding of qualitative research methods and analysis techniques in Sociology
  • To facilitate students in conducting and presenting quantitative/qualitative research thesis
  • To teach students about the importance of values such as community service, integrity, respect and dignity of humans, and discipline in addition to professional ethics in sociology
  • Apply the knowledge base, thinking, and technical skills relevant to the future and present job market and for graduate school in Pakistan and abroad
Admission Criteria

  • A BS (Hons) degree in Sociology, or related discipline that provides a strong background in Sociology, (such as Social Work, Demography, Rural Sociology, Criminology, Social Sciences, Economics, Gender Studies, Anthropology, Psychology, Development Studies, Political Science, History), or a minor in Sociology. The undergraduate degree should have minimum of 16 years of schooling or four years of education (minimum 124 credit hours) after HSSC/F.A./F.SC./Grade 12 equivalent
  • Two Reference Letters (at least one must be from a previous Teacher)
  • Must have a CGPA of at least 2.0
  • Must pass a department test and interview with department faculty

NOTE: Acceptance is based upon an overall evaluation of the candidate, including academic achievement, statement of purpose, practical experience in Sociology, English language proficiency, demonstrated social service, and representation of a particular culture, religion, or ethnicity in Pakistan.

Provisional admission can be sought by students awaiting final results. Their admission will only be confirmed once they have submitted their complete official Transcript within the due dates.