Physics Major Labs and  Apparatus

Physics Research Labs and  Apparatus

List of resources installed in Laboratories

Nanotechnology Lab (S-044)
2Dip Sonicator
3Fume Hood
5Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer
8pH Meter
9RO Water Filtration System
10Spin Coater
11Thermal Evaporator
12Ultrasonic bath
13Vacuum Oven
Solar and Fuel Cell Lab ( S-046)
1Pico Ammeter
3Raman Spectrophotometer
4Solar Simulator
5UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Characterization Lab (S-036)
2Four Point Probe


List of Technical Staff

Sr #NameDesignation
1Mahroze MunamResarch Lab Assistant
2Ashraf GillDemonstrator
3Aneel PervezLab Demonstrator
4AbdulrehmanLab Demonstrator
5Salamat RehmatSenior Lab Attendant
6Riaz SattarSenior Lab Attendant
7Shakeel BhattiLab Attendant









The Centre is equipped with the following:

1. Library holding newspapers, weeklies, monthlies, academic journals and public policy books

2. Computers with access to the digital repository and official statistical data of Pakistan

3. Meeting Room

4. Digital Lab with Duplex Scanners and associated system to manage the digitization process

5. Photocopier and Printer

6. Research Rooms providing workspace for CPPG research teams

7. Scholar Residency providing room and office space for a visiting scholar.

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Poverty Action Lab (PAL), at Forman Christian College (FCCU) is a research and action center for alleviating poverty through equality and whole-person education. PAL promotes research and dialogue on poverty and inequality in Pakistan, South Asia, and the Global South emphasizing its connections with the social, cultural, political, and economic inequalities.

The Lab has an action-oriented and solution-driven approach towards research, teaching, and service-learning to counter generational poverty. We are engaged in research focused on finding sustainable solutions for poverty alleviation through grassroots development and launching an awareness campaign to highlight the relationship between marginalization and generational poverty in Pakistan.


To establish a research and action center that will work with marginalized communities to generate solutions for alleviating poverty through equality and whole-person education.


Our mission is to produce solution-oriented research and innovative intervention programs to empower marginalized individuals, groups and communities to escape poverty through capacity building and grassroots development. The lab also aims at raising awareness on the nexus of poverty and inequality and to imbue a culture of service and civic engagement.

Research Repository

The research repository at PAL will provide existing research on poverty, inequality, poverty alleviation, marginalization and similar areas in Pakistan and South Asia. This repository is a ready resource to all FCC faculty and students interested in research on poverty and its related areas.


  • Poverty
  • Marginalization
  • Civic and community engagement
  • Service learning
  • Debt bondage
  • Human capital and skills
  • Repository is in the process.


The Centers support affiliates, students, and the campus community with services and expertise to plan, conduct, and disseminate research in the population sciences, as well as opportunities to network through events.

Resources and Facilities include:

  • Grant writing support, from a search for funding sources, to grant preparation, review and editing, budget development, to submission;
  • Links to the larger population science community on campus and beyond through events and the Bi-monthly News newsletter;
  • Training & assisting on pilot projects and other funded research;
  • Specialized consulting on data sets and survey design.
  • Computer Lab access to the digital repository
  • Library holding academic journals, Population Studies related books, reports and other resources.
  • Meeting/Conference Room
  • Research Rooms providing workspace for PRC research teams
  • Scholar Residency providing room and office space for a visiting scholar