Important Notice for Vaccination Documentation

Dear University Students:

Student ID cards are now unblocked for students that have submitted valid vaccination certificates (or valid medical documentation) by Saturday afternoon. Everyone else’s ID is now blocked.

Here’s what to do now:

  • If you submitted your vaccination by the due date (or by Saturday 3:00 pm), you don’t need to do anything more. Come to campus for classes on Monday. We recommend coming an hour early so that you get through the gate easily.
  • If you submitted an invalid certificate, then you have received an email message informing you what to do to submit the correct form. Reply to the email and submit the correct document and you will be unblocked.
  • Anyone submitting a certificate by 3:00 pm Sunday can still be unblocked. Use this form:
  • Anyone submitting after 3:00 pm on Sunday will still be unblocked but you might face a delay on Monday until your card can be unblocked.



Monday will be a busy day for everyone, so please come prepared with a positive attitude and anticipation of what the new semester will hold you and your classmates.


Vice Rector’s Office

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