To commemorate the 76th Independence Day of Pakistan, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) launched a special booklet highlighting 60 notable female alumni who contributed to nation-building. FCCU is more than 150 years old, and it has thousands of female alumni making tremendous contributions nationally and globally.

The booklet was launched on September  14, 2023. The ceremony was attended by the female alumni, faculty, staff, and senior leadership of FCCU.

60 names highlighted in this booklet only scratch the surface in terms of the many thousands of female Formanites who had served and are still serving their country well, whether as diplomats, politicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs , academics, or in a range of other occupations. Some have done so to widespread acclaim and public recognition; in other cases, dedicated individuals from all walks of life and from all parts of the country have labored anonymously within their communities to serve those around them and make a difference.

Dr. Jonathan S. Addleton, Rector FCCU, did the honor of launching Notable Female Formanites booklet and highlighted the vital importance of empowering women in society. He also mentioned that almost 45% of the faculty and students at FCCU comprise women – which depicts the contribution of FCCU in bringing women of Pakistan to the forefront.

Mr. Attiazaz Munawar -ud -Din, the President of the Alumni Association, and the CEO of Khazana Enterprises appreciated the services of the institution, the academic team, and the improvements in infrastructure at the college campus.

The event ended with a cake-cutting ceremony followed by dinner.

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