The Faculty Advising Office organized a lunch on June 29, 2022, at E-21 to acknowledge the services of Faculty Advisors and endorse chairpersons’ role in the advising system and Their active participation in different events and training sessions. Deans graced the occasion with their presence. Group photos were also taken in front of the Distinguished Formanites Wall of the E-21.

This tradition has been continued since 2012. Dr. Atiq ur Rehman, Head of Faculty Advising, presented a brief progress report on training sessions, events organized and material developed to facilitate Advisor/Advisees. Moreover, on one hand, he highlighted the importance and need for constant communication, advising sessions, and training as it is also suggested by NACADA to resolve the informational, conceptual, relational as well as technological challenges. The importance of collaboration with other Departments and the Advising Center was also highlighted. 

The Chief Guest, Dr. Jonathan S. Addelton the Rector FCCU, expressed his views on the report and admired this tradition. He emphasized the importance of Faculty Advising by saying that the Advisory dimension is greatly important along with teaching and research for the betterment of the students and guiding them for their bright future. He appreciated the entire Faculty Advisors and their role in making FCCU’S mission true. The participants also enjoined the event and showed interest in Faculty Advising. They reiterated their commitment to continue playing their role effectively.

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