Department of Physics

Excellence Through Learning

Physics has been taught at Forman Christian College since it was established in 1864. The Physics Department was instituted in 1907 with Prof D J Fleming, who was its first Head. A long line of distinguished professors and prominent scientists have served at this department, including Nobel Laureate Dr Arthur Compton, Prof J M Benade and Dr Piara Singh Gill. Dr Compton conducted most of his research on cosmic rays while a faculty member at FCCU, which led to his receiving the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1927. Prof J M Benade was one of the longest serving professors in the department, eventually retiring as its Head in 1970. He was an active researcher and the Asian representative in Dr Compton’s international research team. Dr Compton’s student Dr Piara Singh Gill was a faculty member at FCCU from 1940 to 1947 and active in research. He was associated with the University of Chicago and the Georgia Institute of Technology. All these scientists and professors have made significant contributions to the field of Physics.

Today, the well-qualified and experienced faculty is involved in various research programs. The last few years have been busy and productive for the Department. The Physics Department has four undergraduate teaching labs, three research labs, a darkroom, a workshop, a research library, and experimental equipment. This includes 4K cryogenic vacuum chamber with temperature monitors and controllers, ellipsometer, digital optical microscope for surface morphology studies, lock in amplifiers, Tesla meters, laser interferometer with optoelectronic coupling, high temperature three stage programmable furnace, UV visible spectrophotometer and centrifuge, etc.

Programs Offered