Department of Environmental Sciences

Department of environmental Sciences

The Environmental Sciences Program at FCCU aims to identify environmental problems and their causes. Environment issues world-wide are studied and emphasis is on environmental issues in Pakistan. Faculty and students through energetic courses, descriptive field trips, and quality research work to propose workable guidelines for conservation, restoration, and sustainability of the environment to meet local and national needs. The Environmental Sciences Program encompasses multiple scientific disciplines including Physics, Chemistry, Earth Geography, Ecology and Biology. Environmental scientists are in great demand to monitor the environmental quality, to interpret the impact of human actions on ecosystems, and to develop strategies for restoring damaged ecosystems.

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BS (Hons) in Environmental Sciences is a program with multidisciplinary scope in which the graduates learn to address the challenges of maintenance of the environment and sustainable development in relation to human activities. Visit Baccalaureate (Hons) in Environmental Sciences to find out more.

The MPhil Environmental Sciences Program develops, well equipped and highly skilled manpower to tackle the growing environmental and developmental problems and changes arising from the transition to a sustainable society. Visit Postgraduate in Environmental Sciences to find out more.