Biological Sciences Faculty

The BS (Hons) Biological Sciences is designed to offer a broad and general training in plant and animal
sciences with opportunity for research. This is to ensure that the needs of both students preparing for
postgraduate studies and/or the job market are catered by the department. This major is offered after
the end of the Sophomore year.

The Department of Biological Sciences offers one of the broadest and most comprehensive
undergraduate programs in Pakistan. It is designed to offer a broad and general training in plant and
animal sciences with opportunity for research to meet the needs of students preparing for postgraduate
work or the job market.
It will enable the students to:
● Explain the key concepts and principles of biological sciences
● Plan and execute laboratory methods and procedures and be able to interpret scientific data
● Demonstrate ability of creative thinking to ethically solve real life problems
● Apply concepts and information related to biological sciences to real world
● Demonstrate consistent behavior to learn and work cooperatively in groups

● Integrate knowledge and skills necessary for the intelligent performance of major tasks
required at the entry level of field
● Evaluate biological literature and use it to explore opportunities in the field of biology such as
entrepreneurship, research and development, teaching and consultation

● Students who have passed their Intermediate
● A- Level students who have cleared at least 3 principal A-Level exams (not AS Level)
Equivalence attested from the IBCC Needed .
● A- Level students who have given their A levels exams in October, November and are awaiting
results are eligible to apply, they need to attach a copy of the statement of entry.
● Students who have done their American High School. Equivalence needed attested from the
● Students who have done their Intermediate from the Technical Board
● Students applying for BS (Hons) Biotechnology must have done FSc Pre-Medical or should have
studied Biology and Chemistry in A-Level.

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