BS (Hons) Mathematics

The 4-year degree program in Mathematics was launched in 2005. Students majoring in Mathematics take 48 credit hours in their major as well as 47 or 48 in general education and 35 or 34 respectively as free electives. Students majoring in Mathematics take courses as free electives from the Mathematics department or cross-listed courses with the other departments. A degree in Mathematics develops clear logical thinking. The coursework looks at topics in Mathematics: from pure Mathematics to how Mathematics is used in the real world. Courses cross listed with other departments further help students to analyze Mathematics as a real world tool. Students obtain a secure understanding of Mathematics with a good choice of topics in pure and applied Mathematics at an advanced level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate skills in numerical and symbolic manipulation
  • Use logical and quantitative thinking in problem solving
  • Apply mathematical knowledge to analyze and interpret information in other disciplines and professions
  • Identify Mathematics as a creative human endeavor
  • Show high standards of integrity, social responsibility, and respect for humanity in mathematical work
  • Prepare for higher studies and careers in mathematical sciences

Eligibility criteria For BS (Hons):

Students who have passed their Intermediate

A- Level students who have cleared at least 3 principal A-Level exams (not AS Level) Equivalence attested from the IBCC Needed .

A- Level students who have given their A levels exams in October, November and are awaiting results are eligible to apply, they need to attach a copy of the statement of entry.

Students who have done their American High School. Equivalence needed attested from the IBCC .

Students who have  done their Intermediate from the Technical Board

Students applying for BS (Hons) Biotechnology must have done FSc Pre-Medical or should have studied Biology and Chemistry in A-Level.