Baccalaureate (Hons) in English

The Baccalaureate (Hons) program trains the students for lifelong effective communication in English. It teaches them to connect literature with history, theology, culture, and civilization and interpret them in the perspective of liberal education. The main objectives are to broaden the vision of students, to enlighten their minds, and to give them deep insight into literature. This program opens various options for English majors and prepares them for pursuing postgraduate research in language and literature within and outside Pakistan. They also have the option of joining various careers such as, news-casting, teaching, civil services, law, journalism, editing, creative writing and publishing.

  • Reading: students as active readers will express their appreciation for ambiguity and interpret multiple perspectives
  • Writing skills and process: students will write for a variety of professional and social settings. They will revise for content and edit for grammatical and stylistic clarity
  • Culture and history: students will appraise the diversity of literary and social voices within – and sometimes marginalized by – major traditions of literature
  • Critical approaches: students will read works of literary, rhetorical, and cultural criticism, and apply ideas from these texts in their own reading and writing
  • Research skills: students will identify topics, formulate questions for productive inquiry, use appropriate methods and sources for research, evaluate critically the sources they find, and employ their chosen sources effectively in their own writing
  • Values: students will demonstrate integrity by writing plagiarism-free academic papers, and will also abide by the FCCU core values
  • Oral communication skills: students will design, organize, and deliver an engaging oral presentation
Eligibility criteria For BS (Hons):

  • Students who have passed their Intermediate
  • A- Level students who have cleared at least 3 principal A-Level exams (not AS Level) Equivalence attested from the IBCC Needed .
  • A- Level students who have given their A levels exams in October, November and are awaiting results are eligible to apply, they need to attach a copy of the statement of entry.
  • Students who have done their American High School. Equivalence needed attested from the IBCC .
  • Students who have  done their Intermediate from the Technical Board
  • Students applying for BS (Hons) Biotechnology must have done FSc Pre-Medical or should have studied Biology and Chemistry in A-Level.