Admissions Office

This Office is responsible for admitting students through a concentrated recruitment program that reaches both internal and external audiences. The Office of Admissions helps prospective students and guides students and visitors with recruitment efforts, campus tours and events, admissions processing, and transitioning accepted students into the FCCU community. Although admission at FCCU may seem tough, the Admissions staff can be expected to be efficient in answering queries and guiding students through the grueling process of applications.

The Office meets with prospective students in many settings such as high schools, business and industry, higher education institutions, etc. and distributes promotional materials such as brochures, course catalogs, and other relevant information pieces. The Office arranges campus tours for both individuals and groups, including planning and conducting customized promotional programs.

The Admissions Office provides consultative services for various educational, business/industry, and civic agencies. This activity includes assessing organizational needs such as in-service programs, workshops, classes, etc. while also planning and implementing appropriate services to match these needs. They also provide both off-campus and in-office sessions on application and enrollment procedures for prospective students and their parents.

The Office also represents FCCU at college fairs, career fairs, and employee benefits expos through the distribution of promotional materials and the provision of enrollment counseling. Members of the Office contact all individuals who have demonstrated an interest in FCCU on a scheduled basis through both personalized letters and telephone calls.

Our core functions include:

  • Recruitment/marketing activities
  • Organizing campus visits and tours
  • Outreach activities
  • Pre-admission counseling
  • Representing FCCU at college/career fairs

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