Distinctively FCC

What makes Forman Christian College distinctive?

Forman Christian College is ranked as a ‘W’ Category University by the HEC. It is also the only member of The Global Liberal Arts Alliance in all of Asia.

Liberal Arts Education: Forman Christian College is currently the only university in Pakistan offering a liberal arts baccalaureate education, which has the advantage of providing a good balance of depth and breadth of learning. This is done by ensuring that in addition their selected major, all Baccalaureate students take a minimum number of courses in humanities, physical and natural sciences, mathematics and information technology, and social sciences.
Depth of learning gives students the opportunity for career preparation; it teaches them to think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems and become lifelong learners. Breadth of learning provides the basis for students to understand modern issues as they develop, to live a life of quality, to have a healthy curiosity about the world and above all to be good citizens of their countries and the world.

Quality Faculty: With degrees from some of the best universities in the world, our faculty bring these international perspectives to the classroom. They encourage dialogue and questions and include technology, unique career experiences, and innovative techniques in their teaching.
University faculty
College (Intermediate) faculty

An Inviting Environment: Our 108-acre campus in central Lahore is lined with trees, covered with green gardens, and designed for students to walk, study, have a cup of tea in the canteen with friends or play a game of cricket.

Social Life which gives students a chance to mix and meet new friends. The sports facilities and grounds allow for many athletic interests. With over thirty societies to choose from you can pursue a specific academic interest or indulge your taste for music, drama or art. Most of all, you’ll have a chance to make friends from all of Pakistan.

Sports are Part of Life at FCC: There’s a wide range of track, field and other sports for both male and female students at FCC. Outstanding student athletes are recognized with special awards. There is plenty of space and inviting facilities to keep you fit and having fun!

Excellent Academic Preparation: Formanites have pursued higher studies in the sciences, medicine, engineering, arts, and humanities, using the foundation of excellent education they received at Forman. The College provides strong preparation for its intermediate students to perform well on the BISE exams. The 4-year baccalaureate program provides a well-rounded experience modeled on American higher education standards, giving students grounding in the liberal arts as well as a chance to specialize in their chosen major field of study. The College also offers an MBA and MPhil/MAS/MA degrees in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Economics and Public Policy. These small and personalized programs are intended to provide individual attention and support for students interested in these disciplines.

English Medium: FCC is an English-only campus and we offer special classes for those who need extra English instruction. In addition, there are many ways to interact with native English speakers who are on campus as faculty or as visitors.

Career Planning is Part of Your Experience: The Career Planning staff are there to help you examine your interests and experience and to provide opportunities for students to explore many career opportunities.
Career Planning and Placements

We Live our Motto: At FCC, we live our motto. “By love serve one another”. There are opportunities to volunteer with local NGOs, raise money for a worthy cause, or help with arts events in Lahore. Our Volunteer Fair brings several NGOs to campus to recruit students to help with projects they champion.

A Remarkable Alumni Tradition: One of the hallmarks of a quality education is the accomplishments of its graduates. In this regard, FCC truly stands out. Formanites have made their mark in the world, whether in public service and government positions, education, foreign service and diplomacy, business, or research.