The Faculty of Humanities at Forman Christian College University organized a guest lecture on May 4, 2023, titled “The Role of Communication in reducing health inequities in socially disadvantaged populations”.

The guest speaker for the event was Dr. Sayyed F. A. Shah, an Associate Professor of Communication at Jacksonville State University. Dr. Shah is an expert in the fields of Journalism and Health Communication, with extensive experience as a journalist in Pakistan and the United States. He is a sought-after speaker and researcher in his areas of specialization and has published his work in reputed journals such as Journalism and Vaccine.

During the lecture, Dr. Shah highlighted the importance of health communication and its relevance to society, especially in Pakistan. He discussed the low health literacy levels in the country and identified several issues related to communication gaps between doctors and patients. Dr. Shah also pointed out the lack of public awareness campaigns on issues such as cancer and breast cancer, which leads to late-stage diagnoses.

Dr. Altaf Ullah Khan, the Dean of Humanities, gave a warm welcome note and emphasized the importance of health communication in the development of society. The lecture was attended by students, faculty members, and other attendees, including Chairperson of Mass Communication Department, Dr. Firasat Jabeen, Dr. Saleem Abbas, Dr. Anam Muzamill, Mr. Syed Muhammad Saqib, Ms. Mehwish Batool, Ms. Amna Malik, Ms. Shamail, Ms. Ruhma, and Mr. Shahid.

A Q&A session was held after the lecture, and an interactive discussion took place. Dr. Shah’s insightful lecture provided valuable insights into the importance of health communication and the need for public awareness campaigns on various health-related issues.

At the end of the session, Dr. Shah was presented with souvenirs by Dr. Altaf and Dr. Firasat Jabeen.
The event was a great success, and the faculty of Humanities at Forman Christian College University
looks forward to organizing more such events in the future.