Research at Department of Computer Science

Computer Systems provides the core foundation for the smooth functioning of different applications. The System group intends to investigate the applied and theoretical aspects in the domain of Computer Systems for designing and building of Internet Systems and Services. This group covers a large range of subject areas including but not limited to Computer Architecture, Operating systems, Communication Networks, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing, High- Performance Computing, Wireless Networking and Distributed Computing Systems. We anticipate to contribute in various research avenues that shape the future Next Generation Networks (NGN), Internet Systems and Services. Contact Person: Dr Mubashar Mushtaq:

The research interests of Software Engineering research group at the Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) cover both the software development and maintenance activities. Our foremost priority is to promote the software engineering research at the undergraduate and graduate level within our University. Second, we develop tools and techniques to equip developers for better engineering software systems. We investigate product, processes and people in software engineering.” Contact Person: Dr Saad Bin Saleem:

The Computer Vision Group at FCCU is geared towards teaching computers understand the visual world. We conduct research in a number of areas including 3D vision, camera calibration, image understanding, and action recognition. Contact Person: Dr. Nazim Ashraf:

The Artificial Intelligence group at FCCU is actively involved in foundational research in core areas of knowledge representation, information retrieval, reasoning, learning, planning, decision-making, speech and language processing, pattern recognition, text mining and optimization. The group’s focus is on practically exploring all machine learning aspects like deep learning, natural language processing and classical algorithms. The group research addresses the central challenges of machine cognition, both from theoretical perspective and application perspective. The group is also aimed at applying intelligent algorithms to applied problems in areas like bioinformatics, search and information retrieval. Contact person: Ms Umber Nisar:

This group is working to create computing based projects that can enrich and improve lives of
people by directly solving real-world problems. We are working on projects like assistive
technologies for the disabled, emergency response, and tele-healthcare.
Contact person: Dr Aasia Khanum:

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