The Department of Statistics at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) was established in 1974, with the vision, to provide the best quality education in Statistics and high quality statistical services in Pakistan. It has evolved ever since by adding resources in terms of newly developed courses keeping in view the demand of the day, highly qualified faculty, and various professional development opportunities. With the presence of the most diverse research expertise of Statistics in Pakistan, the Department aims to provide a core understanding of statistical concepts with their application to the real world situations, covering both theoretical and applied aspects of Statistics. The Department of Statistics offers a comprehensive program of undergraduate and graduate degrees in Statistics.

The Department of Statistics organizes seminar series by the name “Numbers Rule Your World”. It also provides various opportunities like panel discussions, field trips to provide our students with experiential learning and keeping them updated with the current advancements in Statistics.

The Department of Statistics is committed to devise and develop statistical techniques, and to disseminate statistical knowledge through effective teaching, research, advising and outreach programs, by making our students responsible citizens and responsible users of Statistics in order to serve the needs of the broader community.

MPhil program in Statistics is a two-year evening program, designed to introduce our graduate students to the applied and theoretical knowledge, and scholarly research in Statistics. The objective is to produce noble thinkers, effective users and leading researchers in Statistics. MPhil program in Statistics combines in it an approach based on cross-disciplinary interactions and understandings in a supportive environment, necessary for an individual’s growth as a critical thinker here and after. This program has a strong emphasis on the research skills in the areas of Mathematical Statistics, Biostatistics, Sampling Techniques, Statistical Quality Control, Stochastic models and Computational Statistics.

  • One of the highest number of PhD faculty members in any department of Statistics in the country
  • We offer diverse research specializations which other competing universities do not offer
  • The curriculum of MPhil in Statistics is designed to build a strong theoretical foundation, with advanced application knowledge with high performing computational resources available
  • Experiential learning with a strong emphasis on technology integrated learning
  • Computer labs equipped with licensed software versions of SPSS, Python and R-Programming Language
  • We offer a lecture series “Numbers Rule Your World”, where faculty, students, and eminent scholars are invited to discuss their research and recent advancements in the subject of statistics
  • We offer such an environment where students can collaborate with faculty across other disciplines
  • Availability of Merit Scholarship, PEEF Scholarships, and Teaching Assistantships

Admission Criteria

  • A 4-year BS (Hons) degree from an HEC recognized University in the discipline of Statistics or Biostatistics with a minimum of 2.5 CGPA and 130 credit hours. Students with minor in Statistics are also eligible to apply


A Conventional MSc in Statistics or Biostatistics with a minimum of 60% marks

  • Students who do not meet the pre-requisite requirements for admission are required to study deficiency courses recommended by the departmental committee                                       

NOTE: Acceptance is based upon the 1) departmental test, 2) interview and 3) an overall evaluation of the candidate, including: academic achievement, statement of purpose and English language proficiency.
Provisional admission can be sought by students awaiting final results. Their admission will only be confirmed once they have submitted their complete official Transcript within the due dates.

Dr Sharoon Hanook

Chairperson & Assistant Professor

PhD (Case Western Reserve University, USA)
MPhil (GC University, Lahore)
MSc (GC University, Lahore)
Ext: 522
Room # 438, Armacost Science Building

Dr Mujahid Rasul


PhD (University of Surrey, UK)
MSc (University of Punjab)
Ext: 515
Room # 437, Armacost Science Building

Dr Shakila Bashir

Associate Professor

MPhil, MSc (Islamia University, Bahawalpur)
Ext: 503
Room # 419, Armacost Science Building

Dr Itrat Batool Naqvi

Assistant Professor

MS (Sweden)
MSc (Punjab University, Lahore)
Ext: 513
Room # 423, Armacost Science Building

Dr Nadia Mushtaq

Assistant Professor

PhD in Statistics (NCBA&E)
MPhil, MSc (QAU, Islamabad)
Ext: 502
Room # 418, Armacost Science Building

Samia Ayub

Assistant Professor

MPhil, MSc (PU, Lahore)
Ext: 501
Room # 415, Armacost Science Building

Muhammad Anwar Mughal

Assistant Professor

MPhil, MSc (GCU, Lahore)
Ext: 506
Room # 422, Armacost Science Building

Fee Structure:

MPhil Statistics
Program2019FA2020SPTotal Fee Year Excluding tax
Tuition FeeAdmission Fee for Fall AdmissionsSecurity for Fall AdmissionsTotalTuition FeeAdmission Fee for Spring AdmissionsSecurity for Spring AdmissionsTotal
MPhil Statistics 126,50017,00015,000158,500126,50017,00015,000158,500285,000

Funding Options:

  • Merit Scholarship (75% tuition fee waiver) available
  • Limited Teaching Assistantships (50% tuition fee waiver) available
  • PEEF Scholarships available for eligible students

Dr Shakila Bashir

Associate Professor

MPhil, MSc (Islamia University, Bahawalpur)
Ext: 503
Room # 419, Armacost Science Building