MPhil English

The MPhil English is a two-year evening program, aimed both at students continuing their education as well as in-service practitioners who want to upgrade their qualification. As an evening program, many current teachers will be able to benefit from it. The program has a number of objectives. It will advance the level of English communication and fluency skills within Pakistan and develop well-groomed leadership for research and publication in English. It will improve philological and pedagogical practices in English in the country and enhance ethical values by ensuring original work in the field. It will emphasize the importance of English language and literature through both local and global interactions. MPhil English graduates will be equipped with analytical and critical research approaches to face the challenges of today’s world. The program will carry on FCCU’s rich legacy of research and quality teaching.

Admission Criteria

 A 4-year BA (Hons) degree from an HEC-recognized university majoring in English Literature with a minimum of 2.0 CGPA.

 A conventional MA in English with a minimum of 45% marks.


Acceptance is based on:

1) Written Test

The written test of 2 hours duration will comprise of two questions:

  • The first question will assess the applicants’ understanding of Literary Theory and Criticism, and their ability to analyze a literary text using given theoretical and critical approaches.
  • The second question will assess the applicants’ prior training in Research Methods, and their potential to independently write a graduate-level research paper.

2)  Interviews (in-person) 

The shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview. The interview panel may ask questions related to the applicants’ own academic and research interests.

3) An overall evaluation of the candidate, including academic credentials and the statement of purpose.

Salient Features

  • Research along with profound insight into modern and contemporary literary theory and criticism is the forte of FCCU’s MPhil English program
  • The courses which we offer are unique and usually not offered in other institutions
  • We conduct symposia, one day conferences, where students present their research papers and articles
  • English Department publishes its own literary journal – JELLS
  • Our students are encouraged to participate in interuniversity, national and international conferences
  • FCCU can also proudly claim that it has hosted first Interdisciplinary Humanities Conference in October 2017