MPhil Biblical Studies (Old or New Testament Concentration)

Forman Christian College University’s mission is “to impart, create and disseminate knowledge and to develop informed, ethical and responsible citizens who are prepared to learn, lead and serve, and who live by the college motto ‘By Love Serve One Another.’”  As a part of fulfilling Forman’s mission, the Christian Studies Program has identified specific educational needs within Pakistan’s Christian community which are currently not being met; the scarcity of academically qualified teachers of New and Old Testament and the scarcity of quality Urdu theological books and articles.

In 2017, Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) approved an MPhil in Biblical Studies with a concentration either in Old or New Testament to address this need. The course of study involves a mixture of courses in either Hebrew (Old Testament) or Koine Greek (New Testament) and biblical theology, plus a thesis on an approved topic.

The MPhil in Biblical Studies is a two-year degree program (one year class work and one year thesis) designed to prepare teachers of Biblical Studies for positions in universities, seminaries and educational institutions teaching Biblical Hebrew or New Testament Greek, Old or New Testament courses or to enter into PhD programs in Biblical Studies. Students will specialize in one of two tracks, Old Testament Theology or New Testament Theology. Students will enter the program already proficient in either New Testament Greek or Old Testament Hebrew, enabling them to study the Bible in its original languages. In addition, through an emphasis on critical thinking skills and the principles of sound Biblical exegesis, students will gain skills in applying the Biblical theological themes within the Bible to the present day needs of the Christian Community within Pakistan.

Admissions Requirements

  • 16 years of education from any HEC recognized university
  • A minimum of 2.5 CGPA or a conventional MA / MSc with a minimum of 60% marks
  • In case of a BA / BS (Hons) degree, 130 credit hours should be completed
  • Successful completion of the 18-credit Certificate of Biblical Language from Forman Christian College or its equivalence
  • Passing examinations in Biblical Knowledge, Christian Theology and English
  • Short listed candidates will appear for an interview
  • Forman Christian College offers a Certificate in Biblical Language for either Old Testament Hebrew or New Testament Greek.  Students in the certificate program study a sequence of four courses (Greek 1 or Hebrew 1, Greek 2 or Hebrew 2, Greek 3 or Hebrew 3 or Greek 4 or Hebrew 4).  In addition, students study 2 additional courses, an exegesis course or a reading course in their chosen biblical language.  This sequence takes 2 full years of part-time study plus summer school.

    This certificate program is unique in Pakistan. Those successfully completing the certificate may gain several potential benefits:

    • Significantly enhanced skills in interpreting the Bible for Pastors or Bible Teachers
    • Qualification to teach basic Biblical language introduction courses for either Greek or Hebrew in a Bible college or Christian educational institution or NGO
    • Eligibility to apply for admission to advanced theological study, either to the MPhil in Biblical Studies program offered by Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) or to foreign Postgraduate programs in theology
    • Enhanced ability for researching ancient Greek writers using Koine Greek (which is very close to Classical Greek), a skill which could be valuable for historians, philosophers or those studying religions
    • Enhanced ability for researching the Hebrew religion using Old Testament Hebrew, a skill which could be valuable for those studying religions

    Salient Features

    • Two Concentration areas: Old Testament Hebrew and New Testament (Koine) Greek
    • Highly qualified foreign-trained Professors
    • Smaller classes with individualized attention
    • Earning a certificate from an HEC approved University

    Who may enroll in this program?  Anyone eligible for admission to the Honors (BA/BS) degree program of Forman Christian College

    Note:  This certificate is required for admission into Forman Christian College’s MPhil in Biblical Studies

    • An international and highly qualified faculty with degrees from respected foreign theological institutions
    • Integration of Biblical theology with competence in Biblical language
    • Integration of the practice of spiritual formation along with quality academic research
    • A high ratio of faculty to students to enable personal attention and instruction
    • All the benefits of earning a postgraduate degree from a highly respected university
    • Qualification to teach in any educational program, including any HEC accredited university in Pakistan
    • Qualification to enter foreign PhD programs in Biblical Studies
    • Competence in interpreting biblical passages in the original language
    • Competence in producing theological literature for Pakistani Pastors, Teachers and Laypeople

NOTE: If you are located in Lahore please visit the Admissions Office to collect your admit slip. If you are located in another city, you need to visit the Admissions Office an hour before the test.


NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 test and interview dates can be decided subject to university opening.

Required Documents:

1. An attested copy of the original Matriculation / O level result (web downloaded results are not acceptable)

2. In case of O Level, a minimum of 8 subjects must have been passed

3. An attested copy of the original Intermediate / A level / High School result (web downloaded results are not acceptable)

4. In case of A Level, a minimum of 3 subjects must have been passed

5. A and O Level and American High School Students have to submit a copy of their Equivalence Certificate (Attested and stamped from IBCC)

6. Attested copies of the final transcript of 4-year Honors / 2-year Conventional Bachelors and / or 2-year Conventional Masters degree

7. FCCU students need to attach the attested copy of their official Baccalaureate transcript

8. Students can submit their Transcript at least till the 7th semester at the time of form submission. If offered admission they must submit an attested copy of their complete official Transcript within 30 days of the beginning of the semester

9. Students having a foreign Bachelors Degree must get their Equivalence from HEC

10. Two reference letters

11. Statement of purpose (300 – 500 words) describing the reason(s) why the student is applying to the program, long-term goals and the reason(s) for selecting Forman Christian College

12. Two recent passport-sized photographs

13. One copy each of the student’s CNIC and of the father/guardian

14. Receipt of the application processing fee (Rs. 3500)

Please click here for instructions on how to pay your admission processing fee over the counter in HBL, UBL and Meezan Bank

Please click here for instructions on how to pay your admission processing fee through HBL or Meezan Bank Mobile App

In case you are not located in Lahore then you can send us the Admission Form along with all the required documents through Courier. You would need to make a Pay Order of Rs. 3500 from any Branch of HBL in the name of Forman Christian College. Then send us the Courier at Admission Office, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building, Forman Christian College, Ferozepur Road, Lahore 54600.

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