For 75 years Pakistan has survived and thrived because of the resilience and ingenuity of its People.

The National Innovation Awards resumes its mission to continue recognizing and celebrating the individuals and groups and organisations that continue to strive to put Pakistan on the map.

About the Awards
The National Innovation Awards are given to recognise Innovation and innovators across a range of different sectors in the Pakistani Society for which a three-pronged approach has been used to solicit nominations. These include: polling of experts and gatekeepers across a range of different sectors and walks of life; and direct solicitation through email and through social media.  Awards are being given in 12+4 categories. (Listed below)

·  Finance/Fintech Innovation
·  Education Innovation
·  Social / Civic Innovation
·  Health Innovation
·  Corporate/Business Innovation
·  Art & Design Innovation
·  Build in Pakistan/ DeepTech Innovation
·  Most Innovative University (Programme)
·  Agri+Rural Innovation
·  Industry Innovation
·  Government Innovation
·  Most innovative Tech Startup

In addition to the above 12 categories, four (04) SPECIAL AWARDS are also conferred: the Young Innovative Talent Award, the Women Innovator Award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, and a Peoples’ Choice Innovator of the Year Award. The Awards are judged by a distinguished jury of leading CEOs, Government, and Civil Society Leaders from across the country.
Nominate yourself and the innovators and thought leaders around you as we come together to keep the innovative spirit of the nation alive!