Dr. Julie Flowerday


Ph.D. (University of North Carolina)

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Dr. Julie Flowerday is a Socio-cultural Anthropologist and Professor in the Department of Sociology at FCCU where she has taught since 2014. Previously, she taught at Truman State University, Missouri, before taking a Higher Education Commission position at the University of Gujarat, 2012-13. She has held adjunct positions at Sewanee University, Tennessee, and University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and is a Fulbright Scholar.

Currently, Dr. Flowerday is completing a project for the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) on annotations to Lieut-Colonel David L R Lorimer’s Hunza Catalogue of glass lantern slides (1934-35). She is also preparing a journal article, “Pre-Partition: the British-Chinese Stalemate and the Kashmir Dispute” and a book manuscript Sentiments of Deception: Hunza and the Kashmir Dispute.

Research Interests:

The relationship of changing landscape and shifting knowledge; re-writing frontier spaces of the nation-state; and matters of identity.


  • “Hunza after 9/11. State and Development.” In Literary and Non-Literary Responses Towards 9/11: South Asia and Beyond, edited by Nukhbah Taj Langah. Routledge. Forthcoming (2017)
  • “Federalizing a Non-federal Territory: Gilgit-Baltistan.” Proceedings of First International Political Science Conference (2015), edited by Dr. Ryan Brasher, Forman Christian College University: Oxford University Pakistan, Forthcoming (2017).
  • “Identity Matters, The Hidden Text: Gilgit-Baltistan.” Law and Governance in Gilgit Baltistan. Special Issue, edited by Livia Holden and Emma Varley. Journal of History and Culture of South Asia (Taylor & Francis). Forthcoming (2018).
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