Department of Urdu

Excellence Through Learning

The Department of Urdu is one of the oldest at FCCU and has had renowned faculty such as Maulana Farzand Ali, Dr. Agha Suhail and Prof. Iqbal Ahmed Khan. Both teachers and students take an active interest in the fields of research, creative writing and literary criticism. The department has also produced some fine writers.

It is a known fact that Urdu is the lingua franca of the subcontinent which has played a powerful role in the region along with the English language. Urdu has now become a respectable international language. It is most likely that in near future, the highly prestigious CSS (Central Superior Services) examination will also be conducted in Urdu language. FCCU has uniquely introduced a compulsory Urdu course in each of its disciplines at undergraduate level to make sure that every student attains proficiency in his/her national language. The Department of Urdu has also launched an MPhil Urdu program. The curriculum is designed to emphasize the development of a knowledge-based economy.

Programs Offered