Excellence Through Learning

The Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG) has produced a significant number of policy makers and policy practitioners in its more than a decade long history. The CPPG’s long track record of academic excellence in graduate level studies empowers it to initiate a doctoral program that not only produces expert policymakers and policy analysts but also engenders rigorous and well-grounded research. Today we are in dire need of academic experts that can conduct empirically backed policy analysis of various socioeconomic challenges Pakistan faces. Through MS and MPhil level academic training in public policy analysis and teaching, the centre had a far-reaching impact on how public policy is taught and discussed across Pakistani universities. Many of the master programs in public policy in other universities are based on our program. Continuing in its success, the CPPG would like to become a pioneer in offering the highest academic degree in Public Policy at FCCU.

Programs Offered

The purpose of the PhD in Public Policy is to create a generation of scholars and professionals that are equipped to deal with some of the most crucial problems confronting Pakistan and the world today. By combining elements of a traditional graduate education in social sciences, particularly political science, sociology and economics, with a significant component of training in policy sciences and information technology, the program’s graduates will be uniquely situated to undertake serious research and policy assessments with the goal of contributing towards formulation, interpretation and implementation of public policies.  The program includes a set of rigorous core requirements, but also provides students with the flexibility to pursue in depth research in a broad variety of critical policy issue areas.

Classes are held four days a week, in addition the fifth day would be a Research Work day. While on alternate week; CPPG holds mandatory seminar inviting local/national or international speakers.

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