Sharoon Gill

Alumni Relations Officer

Shujaa Waqar


MS Economics (International Islamic University, Islamabad-IIUI)
Ext: 387
Room # 218-2, Business and Social Sciences Building

Sumaira Lodhi


MPhil (Applied Economics) (FCCU, Lahore) Distinction and Roll of honor (Manga Cum Laude)
BSc (Economics) (Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore) Gold Medalist and First Position in Social Sciences
Ext: 678
Room # 218, Business and Social Sciences Building

Samuel Pervaiz

Events Facilitator

Samuel Bhatti

Coordinator Events Reservation and Facilities

Syed Muhammad Jaffer Hassan Gardezi


Master of Arts in Education (The University of Sheffield, UK)

Salman William

Office Assistant

Shamaoun Emmanuel

Smartclass Lab Assistant

Ext: 671

Sunil Lawrence

Communications and Security Technician

Ext: 264

Sara Ali


Sarah Suleman

Project Coordinator

SB Akash

Communications & Security Engineer

Ext: 264

Shaheen Pervaiz

HR Officer Contracts & Compensation

Sarah Alexander

Administrative Coordinator

Room # 110, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 359

Shamroon Khalid

Networks Engineer

Ext: 267

Samia Asloob Qureshi

Assistant Professor

Suleman Anwar

Nursing Assistant

Suneel Barkat

Smartclass Lab Assistant

Sarah John

Senior Instructor

MPhil ELT (Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore)
MBA (Forman Christian College, A Chartered University)
Room # 245 Business and Social Sciences Building
Ext: 632

Syed Shoaib Nazir

Assistant Professor

PhD MIS Scholar (University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA)
M.Eng Computer Systems (SSUET, Pakistan)

Shemiah Parshad

Stewardship & Grants Manager

MPhil in Economics (Lahore School of Economics)
BSc (Hons) in Economics and Finance (Lahore School of Economics)
Room # 131, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 288

Sufian Mazhar

Associate Professor of Management Information Systems and e-Business

MBA (MIS & Finance, McGill)
BSc Civil Engineering (UET)

Sarah Khan

Assistant HR Manager Contracts & Compensation

MBA Finance from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore
BBA (Hons) Finance from COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore
Room # 222, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 276

Shine Noman Ross

Senior Postgraduate Officer

Ext: 566

Sajid Rasheed

Project Purchase Assistant

Shoaib Saleem

Purchase Assistant

Syeda Khadija Burhan

Assistant Professor

MPhil of Education Specialization: Teacher Education ( University of Education, Lahore)

Sobia Zaidi

Assistant Professor and Coordinator

MA (Utrecht School of Arts, HKU)

Sajida Mubarik

Grade 2 Teacher

Sajeel Augusten

Mathematics Teacher

Sehrish Zafar

Kindergarten Teacher

Shakeel Siddique

Assistant to Controller of Examinations

Ext: 440

Shahzad Pervaiz

Senior Accounts Executive

Room # 038, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 214

Syeada Tatheir Zahra Kazmi

Assistant Professor

MSc Business Management, (University of Central Lancashire, UK) Specialization in Human Resource Management; BCom (Hons), (Punjab University, Lahore) Specialization in Accounting and Finance

Sarah Anthony

Campus Counselor

MS Clinical Psychology (UMT, Lahore)
BS (Hons) Psychology (FCCU, Lahore)
Counselor’s Office 2, First Floor, Mercy Health Center
Ext: 783

Samuel Imran

Senior Accounts Executive

Ext: 216

Sara Pervaiz Chughtai

Head of Career Services & Internships

Salman Khalid

Publications Manager

Ext: 322
MA Mass Communication (Punjab University, Lahore)

Sajid Sharif

Purchase Assistant

Ext: 498

Samroon John William

Manager Purchase

Sehar Imdad

Data Analyst

Saeed Ahmed Anjum

Senior Manger Purchase

MPhil (NUML-National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad)
MBA (Hailey College, University of Punjab)
CSCP (Certified supply chain professional) - APICS USA
Room # 213, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 210

Shajeel Imran Khokhar

Head of Academic Office

MPhil in Applied Economics
IPS USA Certified Educational Organization Management System ISO 21001 Professional
Certified ACCUPLACER Collegeboard Test Administrator
Certificates from AIR USA:
     Longitudinal Tracking for Institutional Research
     Foundational Statistics for Decision Support
     Foundations of Data Management
Former member of Association for Institutional Research (AIR) FL, USA
Former member of Society for College & University Planning MI, USA

Suneel Chohan

Manager Operations

Shawna Person

Head of Health Services

Shoaib Barkat

Sports Office Coordinator

Ext: 312

Shahid Gill

IT Support Engineer

Ext: 260

Sofeem Nasim

Software Applications Assistant

Ext: 360

Sohail Anwar

Senior Manager Help Desk

Room # 207, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 260

Shakir Khurshid Gill

Senior Manager IT Business Analyst

Room # 116, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 256

Saqib Shaukat

Assistant Manager Communication and Security

Ext: 264

Shahid Samson Samuel

Networks Manager

Room # 204, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 255

Sunita Javed


MBA in Human Resources Management from Newport Institute of Communications and Economics
Ext: 273

Sylvia De Souza

Senior Manager International Education

Ext: 464

Sameen Sarah

Senior HR Manager
Assistant Guardian Hope Tower

Executive MBA (FCCU)
Room # 222, Ahmad Saeed Administration Building
Ext: 275

Simon Sabir

Senior Finance Executive

Ext: 244

Samson Lawrence

Executive Assistant to Chief Financial Officer

Ext: 211

Stephen John

Office Manager Admission

Ext: 377

Sharoon Javed

Degree Audit Coordinator

Ext: 314

Samia Ayub

Assistant Professor

MPhil, MSc (PU, Lahore)
Ext: 501
Room # 415, Armacost Science Building

Shamaila Athar

Assistant Professor

MPhil (Punjab University, Lahore)
MA Sociology (Punjab University, Lahore)

Shakila Noor Sindhu

Assistant Professor

MPhil (GCU, Lahore)
MA (PU, Lahore)
Room E-135, Business and Social Sciences Building
Ext: 663

Syeda Ammara Shabbir

Assistant Professor

PhD Candidate (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore)
MPhil (University of Punjab, Lahore)
Ext: 590
Room # 132, Armacost Science Building

Syed Muhammad Saqib Saleem

Assistant Professor

PhD (in progress) (University of the Punjab)
MPhil (University of the Punjab)
PGD Digital Filmmaking (National College of Arts, Lahore)
Room 103, Adjacent to Sinclair Hall
Ext: 467

Shahzad Nazir

Assistant Professor & Head of Men's Sports

MPhil (UOL, Lahore)

Silvia Machado

Assistant Professor

MPhil (Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo, Portugal)
Ext: 544

Saara Asif

Assistant Professor

MS Computer Science (FAST-NU, Lahore)

Shahid Mahmood

Assistant Professor

MSc Software Engineering (BTH, Karlskrona, Sweden) MCS (University of Arid Agriculture, Rawalpindi)