The Nestle Healthy Women competition was held at Forman Christian College (A Chartered University) in collaboration with the FCCU Career Services Office on 27 March 2017.

The competition started with a seminar. The event was scheduled for one week and more than 200 students signed up for it. It was a well-attended seminar and was followed by a quiz based upon the information that was shared by Nestlé’s nutritionist. Students enthusiastically participated in the competition. Female students demonstrated their knowledge about staying healthy during the quiz. Those who qualified the quiz were invited to Nestlé’s Headquarters to demonstrate their ideas and learning in a poster competition.

Selected students along with the Manager Internships, Ms Sara Pervaiz visited Nestle Headquarters, where they gave a presentation about their poster. The jury asked them questions related to the presentation, which the students answered correctly. The visiting students were also were provided an opportunity to learn about cooking healthy food. It was a fun-filled day which included information-sharing about health. Students also participated in “Mera Wada” activity. FCCU and the Nestle Healthy Women Program Team would like to congratulate Mariam Kabir and Maha Aftab for winning the Nestle Healthy Women Competition 2017. We are proud of their success and would like to express gratitude to all the participants of the Nestle Healthy Women Program.

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