Workshops for Fall 2018

 DateTopicResource PersonTime
1Friday, 26 October 2018Anxiety ManagementAmber Ijaz03:00 pm
2Thursday, 08 November 2018Time ManagementSarah Anthony03:00 pm
3Wednesday, 14 November 2018Stress ManagementArman Ahmed03:00 pm
5Friday, 23 November 2018Intricacies of RelationshipsIvan Suneel02:00 pm
4Thursday, 29 November 2018Conflict ManagementAisha Ateeq02:00 pm
6Wednesday, 05 December 2018Smoking CessationArman Ahmed03:00 pm
7Friday, 07 December 2018Social SkillsAmber Ijaz03:00 pm
8Monday, 10 December 2018Anger ManagementIvan Suneel02:00 pm
9Friday, 14 December 2018Assertiveness TrainingSarah Anthony03:00 pm
10Thursday, 20 December 2018Coping Bullying `Aisha Ateeq02:00 pm

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