From February 11, 2019, vehicles with a valid parking sticker will be allowed to enter in campus and park in the designated parking lots.

The campus community can purchase motorbike parking sticker for Rs.600/- and car parking sticker for Rs.1250/- which will be valid till June 30, 2019. For the next academic year, charges may vary.

University Faculty, staff and students can get the parking sticker from Chief Proctor’s Office, N-24. One sticker per vehicle will be given. If someone has multiple vehicles that they wish to bring on campus on different days then you need to buy separate stickers for each vehicle.

Duplicate stickers will only be issued if the previously given sticker or pieces of the sticker will be returned to Chief Proctor. Owner of the vehicle is not allowed to leave a sticker on the vehicle in case he/she sells the vehicle.

Campus residents can get free parking sticker if they park their vehicle at their homes. In case they want to use campus parking space they need to buy paid parking sticker for their vehicle.

Students cannot park their vehicle on service road because that will be lifted by the city traffic police.

The process for getting a parking sticker.

1- You need to submit the registration form along with required documents to Chief Proctor ‘s Office.

  1.      a) Copy of valid driving license.
  2.      b)Copy of registration book.
  3.     c)Authority letter on plain paper if the vehicle is not transferred to you.

Parking sticker fee will be submitted in bank one Chief Proctor issue you deposit slip.

Drivers are not allowed to wait in parking areas. Drivers need to have special permission from the Chief Proctor to wait in the parking area.

The process of getting special permission for drivers.

1- Submit an application to Chief Proctor seeking permission to allow the driver to wait in the parking area.

2- Chief Proctor will assess the distance that has to cover to come to the campus and if the distance is 20 kilometers or more then special permission can be granted. Otherwise, the driver needs to drop and leave the campus.

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