April 16 – 17


Conference Convenor: Mussarat Shahid

The Writing Center at Forman Christian College University specializes in providing academic writing support to students of all departments, and in all stages of their academic journey. Through this platform, effective writing practices are encouraged and taught by a team of dedicated faculty members and tutors.

They help students improve their research and academic writing skills through scheduled one-to-one sessions, and walk-in appointments. At the writing center, students learn how to brainstorm ideas, organize their research, and effectively attempt their academic assignments. At the Writing Center, tutors provide customized support to student queries and attend to the rolling demands of their coursework

The Writing Center is hosting a two- day conference, ‘Academic Writing for Global Learners’ to be held on 16 & 17 April 2020, as a way of encouraging a broader understanding of academic writing. The Writing Center hopes to inspire new trends in academic practices by addressing issues that thus far have not been given due attention. Moreover, the conference includes sessions that target problems students and teachers face around academic writing and research, while suggesting practical solutions to hone written expression and sharpen research skills, dispelling the view of writing being an insular activity.

We hope to garner writing as a cross-curricular pursuit applied in nearly every field. To achieve this, the conference includes keynote speeches by international experts in the field of academic writing that offer global perspectives to attendees. Participants of this conference can also benefit from first hand feedback from our panel of experts who will lead the workshops.

Whether you are a student facing issues with formal academic writing or a professional experiencing challenges in the transference of your skills, this conference is a valuable opportunity for all attendees to integrate new skills and network with some of the leading academics during the Breaks and Breakout sessions.

Conference Theme:

Analyzing pedagogy and academic practices to improve academic writing: discussions on how academic writing is organized and taught in the Pakistani context, to identify gaps and to suggest improvements according to global trends. 

Reasons to attend this Conference: 

  • Widen your understanding of Academic Writing
  • Showcase your academic work to a varied audience
  • Contribute to the dialogue on academic writing/ pedagogy in Pakistan
  • Develop academic writing skills to write a research paper and get it published
  • Network with emerging/established academics from across the globe
  • FCCU students, faculty and staff are not required to pay but are required to register by emailing
  • writingcenter@fccollege.edu.pk their [name, role number/designation].
  • 1500/- is the registration fee for academics. If a group of five professionals register, then the per person registration fee will reduced to Rs. 1000/-
  • 700/- is the registration fee for external students. If a group of ten students register, then the per person registration fee will be reduced to Rs. 500/-

Please deposit the fee in the following account and email the receipt at writingcenter@fccollege.edu.pk

Deadline for registration: Sunday, March 15, 2020

Bank Name : HBL


Account Number: 23617000023201